Industry Expert explains the varying facets of Carrara
Industry Expert explains the varying facets of Carrara

The Carrara region in Italy has always been synonymous with Carrara marble. Michelangelo used the blocks and the ancient Romans used the material for paving and cladding. What’s not always understood is that there are many different types of Carrara marble and the whiter the background, the more beautiful and sort after. Industry experts from Tile Warehouse explain the differences in Carrara available to consumers in New Zealand today.

The Number of Carrara quarries is limited and therefore, as demand increases so does the price. However, if you know what you are looking for, you can still secure a beautiful Carrara tile with soft grey veining which when processed can be used for floor and wall tiling, benchtops and vanities or even, Michelangelo’s David.

With the advent of digital technology, copies of Carrara have become very impressive. From large 6mm thick Carrara slabs of 3200x1600mm manufactured by Ariostea of Italy to more traditional 800x800mm, 600x600mm and 300x600 tile modules.

The veins and swirls present in natural marble such as Carrara occur because mineral impurities mix with the original limestone. From discrete cream veins in white Carrara marble to violet, red or blue veins in yellow Sienna marble, natural marble will show its impurities through long sinewy streaks.  Carrara is a timeless classic known throughout the world as the leading marble of choice. The primary color of white can tonally range to include a soft grey hue and is infused with a complex patterning of light to charcoal grey veins. It suits the most diverse tastes, from classically traditional to the most austere contemporary interiors.


The features of Natural Carrara marble are;

  • Carrara marble is in its beautiful natural form as it is a quarried material

  • No two pieces are exactly the same.

  • It is calcium-based so when polished, is susceptible to acids etching and wear and tear so specialist products are required to ensure it is kept in original condition. Tile Warehouse stock these products.

  • As the veining goes right through the Stone, it looks amazing when edges are polished and mitred.


Carrara Marble, CARRARA C Extra

Available from Tile Warehouse, pure CARRARA C is imported direct from Carrara in Italy. It is beautiful marble of the highest quality with the whitest background and soft grey veining.

Carrara C Extra is available in sizes 300x300mm, 300x600mm and 600x600mm. Also available are 100x600mm nosing tiles.

Porcelain Carrara

  • Polished Carrara By Azuvi of Spain available from Tile Warehouse in size 600x600mm

  • Also available in ‘Calacatta’ and ‘Carrara light’ colourways.

Porcelain tile tends to be;

  • Copies of 12 to 20 tiles that are then mass manufactured.

  • Some look fake but the newer technology is very impressive. The whiter, glazed, porcelain backgrounds though having a lower scratch resistance than full body porcelain, are a lot whiter so very realistic.

  • Porcelain can be used in higher traffic areas and does not wear or scratch as is the case with natural marble.


Aside from their beautiful natural CARRARA C marble, Tile Warehouse have just landed three new  polished, glazed Porcelain Carrara Tile ranges which, with the latest digital technology, are proving exceptionally popular.

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