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Moroccan Style Hits Tile Flooring

Pattern Tiles are all the rage this year. No matter which home magazine you pick up, from cover to cover you will see an array of stylish pattern tiles! From simple floral designs through to complex, geometric Moroccan feature pieces, there’s no denying that pattern tiles are taking the interior world by storm!

Moroccan tiles have been one of the most important products Moroccan artisans have created, these inveremtely friendly house accessories are styled very beautifully for other to appreciate.

In the last few decades their use had noticeably declined in favour of other flooring products but recently iconic designers have helped revive interest in traditional Moroccan cement tiles, the recent trend of reviving authentic products has ensured they have been provided with relevance and have been updated with a modern twist and sophistication, and now it is not just Riads or palaces that boast their decorative finesse, but also luxury homes, trendy boutiques, lavish spas and resorts, top end restaurants and bars all around the world.

Besides innovations in the wood look, manufacturers are also playing with pattern and geometry. Patterns are appearing on tiles themselves, and some tiles are being designed to create patterns by the way they are installed on walls and floors.

Introducing Concret ‘Europe’…Fresh from Spain, these ranges are a modern twist on a classic look. They have an interlinking pattern in soft neutral tones to create an extraordinary space. Use for whole floors, full mats or for borders.

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