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Tiles & Energy Efficiency

Because of their thermal mass and ability to retain heat, tiled floors are ideal for passive solar home designs. When homes are built to take advantage of solar radiation entering through windows in the winter months, tiles absorb the heat from the direct sunlight and release the stored heat as needed at night to keep rooms warmer. Conversely in the summer and in hot climates, tiles shielded from the sun will stay cool longer and can actually help lower air-conditioning costs.

Used properly - the right amount in the right place, with proper insulation - thermal mass can help maintain comfortable temperatures inside year round. If floors in direct sunlight areas are covered with carpets or lino, it stops the sun’s warmth being absorbed into the floor to be released when it is colder.

Tile featured is FUSION Tobacco. 

A secondary option for energy efficient heating is under-floor heating. Whilst an initial investment in these units is required, the under-floor heating system Tile Warehouse use and promote, Devi, pays for itself in its ability to lessen the need for above the floor heating options. Radiant heating also ensures a more comfortable environment at lower temperatures than with forced-air heating, helping to rein in utility bills.


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Tomorrows heating system today

DEVI Heating Systems is a specialist applications based heating company related to DEVI A/S, currently the largest specialist heating cable manufacturer in Europe.

DEVI are recognised as a major supplier in the heating industry. They have designed and installed systems from the standard home to multistorey buildings and offer a complete design and supply service including consultations and specifications.

Features of the DEVI system include:

  • Keeps the floor dry

  • Less cleaning required.

  • Provides an even controlled heat.

  • Most cost less per hour to run than a fan heater.

  • Programmable thermostats provide a “set & forget” heating system.

  • Devi heat mats are approximately 3mm thick, consistof a heating cable fastened to an open weave mat and are available in varying sizes from 0.5m².

  • Due to their construction they are able to be fastened directly to the floor prior to tiling, the mats ensure the cables are evenly spaced giving an even heat.

  • The open weave allowing the glues and adhesives to penetrate and bond directly with the floor.

  • As with all Devi products under tile heat mats are manufactured to international standards so the customer


For further information on the DEVI system for tiles in general, contact us on 0800 289 845 or visit our website, www.tilewarehouse.co.nz.