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When GRAFFITI becomes ART!

When GRAFFITI becomes ART!

Many will be familiar with the controversial graffiti artist, Banksy from the United Kingdom, who has become famous for his satiricalstreet art and controversial political and social graffiti statements. Also a political activist, film director and painter, Banksy is known for his contempt for the government in labeling graffiti as vandalism and in response displays his ‘graffiti’ art anomalously on public surfaces such as walls, train stations and city buildings.

It is Banksy that has inspired a new collection of tiles from Spanish company, Peronda. Exclusive to Tile Warehouse, the range comprises over 68 individual graffiti tiles that when placed together make a statement that is so original and striking it is impossible to ignore! Double-glazed with a polished finish gives these tiles a mirror shine and ensure an outstanding result. Suitable for use on both the floor and wall, these Bansky tiles will create a stunning feature with a bright and bold look.

As seen on The Block, Australia, this tile is a stand-out option for originality in tile design and is exclusively available at Tile Warehouse.

To view the full Bansky range, see here: http://tilewarehouse.co.nz/tile-ranges/bansky/



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