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Winning Gold with Vedic Architecture

The fabulous Davy home has become widely known in the industry (Master Builders House of the year 2014 award: Auckland- Under 250 square meters) for both its clever design amongst space limitations but also for its originality in following the principles of ‘Vedic’ Architecture. The knowledge of Vedic architecture — or vastu or Sthāpatya vedafalls within the teachings of Maharishi Vastus whose principles encourage natural habitats which are pure and healthy (including materials and appliances, where possible) which in turn is said to increase peace, prosperity and good health for occupants.  

An important component of Maharishi Vedic architecture is building sustainably to minimise carbon-footprint with natural, non-toxic materials suitable to the local climatic conditions such as timber, brick, rammed earth, sun dried products and stonework, clay render, marble, ceramic tile, natural fibre for interiors and natural, non-toxic paints and glues. Alongside, sustainable technologies are used such as solar hot water, photovoltaic electrical power, geothermal, day lighting and rainwater catchment. Building sites are selected away from harmful electro-magnetic fields and special precautions are taken including the shielding of all electrical wiring to ensure electro-magnetic fields are not propagated within the home.

The compact Davy family home, project “KieKie-gold” uses Sthāpatya Veda design principles, examples of which include the homes orientation, room proportions and the auspicious placement of the main entranceway for the positive influence of wealth and fulfilment. The finished result is a simple, butterfly wedge-like form, which mirrors the shape of the adjacent Mangere  mountain. Bricked walls at either end of the wedge are recessed to create protection from the elements, and recycled non-toxic materials are used where possible to add character and to ensure the home is suitable to the climactic conditions. The interior is filled with natural light with energy efficient up-lighting throughout the main spaces.


Tiles featured in the home: Galaxy Stone 300x600 Matt , Muretto and the mosaic to match. Ceniza Glazed mosaic 45x95. Glazed White 45x195 mosaic.