AIRFIELDS QUARTERS, Hobsonville | Tile Warehouse

One of Auckland's newest developments, 'Airfields Quarters' at Hobsonville, is second to none in design and product selection quality. Two palettes were created to offer prospective buyers - a neutral palette to which the buyer can add their own bold touches, and a more dramatic scheme with lots of warmth and contrast. The show suite has been completed in the 'Dusk B' scheme (see photos). Feedback from the estate agent is the darker colour scheme Dusk has been the most popular with the dark Sintra tiled splashback.

Practical and elegant, the tiles add pattern and texture to the schemes, adding a touch of earthiness to the interiors. The beauty of tile is that they can be modified to fit project requirements. In this situation, the Sintra tiles in the splashback were cut down to suit the height space for equal-height off-set lay. 

Airfields is a neighbourhood comprising almost 900 homes, developed to a master plan that balances and harmonises all elements within the neighbourhood, and takes into consideration neighbouring precincts also.

Interior Design: Andrea Burney, Yellowfox

Tiles Featured:

DUSK B Concept: Sintra Black matt 450x900mm Splashback / Emperor Grey matt 600x600mm Bathroom

DAWN A Concept: Gloss White Mosaic 45x95mm Splashback /  Stone Xtra Ivory matt 600x600mm Bathrooms, Laundry

DAWN B Concept: Hills Cerreto matt 450x900mm Splashback / Stone Xtra Ivory matt 600x600mm Bathrooms

DUSK A Concept: Charcoal matt mosaic 45x95mmEmperor Grey matt 600x600mm Bathrooms, Laundry