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"Blue Room" by Ash Road
The 'Blue Room' project by Ash Road is a fabulous example of high end design and maximising the use of tile. We love the results! Congratulations to these clever Interior Designers @as_road_
"The particular subway tiles we chose were high-gloss, which helped to make the spaces feel bigger, and also appeared hand cut. Given the age of the home this organic feel seemed really in keeping.
For the floor tiles, we made a pretty bold choice to use a dark grey marble look tile. The boldness was a great contrast to the whimsical feel of white cabinetry, brass detail and a soft pallet of greens and blues, and we felt they really aided in grounding the spaces.
The white tiles in the bathroom are probably some of our favourites! Hard to see in the photos, but they are full of texture – and their large elegant format meant minimal grout lines. The end result was 2 walls that looked and felt like sandstone – so beautiful!"
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