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Papamoa Plaza

The newly refurbished Plaza in Papamoa screams vitality in its design and chosen finishings...

Papamoa Plaza was among 19 projects across nine categories recognised at the recent 2017 Waikato–Bay of Plenty Architecture Awards and won the Hospitality & Retail category.

The jury citation noted the architects have ‘extended and refurbished' an existing shopping centre with a commitment to ‘returning a sense of place to a previously context-less mall'. In doing so, they have succeeded by “Strategically freeing the foodcourt from the interior allows it to occupy a light-filled, glazed public edge".

Tile Warehouse Commercial Representative: Justin McNabb

Tiles featured

Quarella Calacatta & Quarella Bottocino Polished 600x600x12mm in concourse.

Everquartz Moonstone + Everquartz Crystal White polished in food court, hallways and bathroom floors.

Frame Ragno, features in the hallway to the amenities in Milk, Aqua and Indigo.

Studio White Gloss 300x600mm, Bathrooms Walls.

Metal Mosaic Copper Round & Crystal Mosaic Mixed in Blue (indent order) in Bathrooms.

Architect: Ignite Architects 

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