The Apartment That EYE Altered | Tile Warehouse
The Apartment That EYE Altered

Vanessa Bennett, Editor, NZ Multi Media Magazines

“As part of an EYE Magazine feature "The Apartment That EYE Altered" we renovated an apartment in Auckland City. Originally, the apartment was minimalist in design with cheap fittings, however, we wanted a luxury, quality, timeless look and we used top designer Mal Corboy to do the design. When it came to tiles I knew nothing about them and it surprised me how many styles designs and options are on offer in New Zealand.

Tile Warehouse was front of mind as it is a well known brand but I had always seen the word 'warehouse' as a cheaper option. I was so impressed by the service, advice and quality choices we had!  We chose a tile called BIZ-ART Sahara and as you can see from the photo's, it totally lights up the kitchen and gives it a glamorous luxury look! A tile wall can change a room and give it texture, depth and warmth. My final word on tiles is "what a difference a tile makes" - I would choose The Tile Warehouse and their tiles again in a flash.”

Product Featured: Biz-Art Sahara Mosaic