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Unique Design coupled with High Quality

If unique design coupled with high quality, you can't go past Topcer's Tessellated tile range.

TOPCER, available exclusively to Tile Warehouse, offers unique sizes, shapes, textures, and finishing pieces to be installed in both wall and floor areas. Particularly useful for projects requiring a unique design but also very high standards such as high-breaking strength, resistance to wear, non-slip properties, acid and frost resistance.

TOPCER ranges are right on trend with earthy, muted tones and powder-look surfaces. Available in a huge arrange of 30 colours

In addition to the lifetime durability of Topcer tiles, is the beauty and charm of the Victorian era, with more than 60 "Victorian Designs and Borders" mesh-mounted for speedy and accurate flooring installations in museums, churches, mosques, hotels, bars, restaurants, residential houses, and restorations of historical buildings.

Topcer is fully committed to being an environmentally friendly company through the practice of a strict policy as a contribution to environmental sustainability. 

Photo's compliments of Tile Warehouse, Hamilton.