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If you're after a bargain, Tile Warehouse has some seriously good Specials.

Check out a selection of options below at 30, 40, 50, 60 and 70% off!


Abitare Beige 190x1170mm

Atlantis White 600x1200mm
Belga Grey Grip 600x600mm
Biz-Art Aruba,Bali,Capri,Lagoon,Majorca,Malo,Pacific & Sahara Mosaics
Black Nero Flamed Basalt 100x100x12mm
Calacatta Lux Hex Mosaic
Calacatta Pol 600x600mm nonbevelled quarella
Cesi Bianco White Satin 100x300mm
Cesi Lava Black Gloss 100x100mm
Cesi Nero Black Satin 200x200mm
Classic Carrara Arabesque Mosaic
Crosscut Ivory Lappato & Grip + Nat 450x450mm
Crystal White Pol 750x750mm
Deck Crystal Grey Paver 600x600x20mm
Downtown Grey Lappato 450x900mm
Everwood Grigio Matt 200x1200mm, 70x300mm
Everwood Acero and Betulla Matt 70x300mm
Evolution White 75x380mm
Extreme Deep Black 300x600mm
Frammenti White Matt & Black Matt 600x600mm
Frit Penny Round blend Mosaic
Gransasso Bianco Matt 450x900mm
Grange Ice Gloss 200x200mm, Southern Cross
Graphite Amber Mosaic
Grunge Dorato 75x300mm
Heartwood Walnut Matt 300x600mm
HNT Natural Bianco Alaska Elemento & 600x600mm
Infinity Richmond Charcoal 300x600mm, Southern Cross
Krakle Blue & Grigio 100x300mm
Limestone Cream Matt 450x900mm
Luthier Beige 200x1200mm 
Luxor Beige Blend Mosaic
Maiolica Orange, Yellow & Red Wall tiles 200x600mm
Meraki Aguamarina, Azul, Gris, Mostaza, Negro, Rosa & Verde 198x228mm
Meraki Line Aguamarina, Azul, Gris, Mostaza, Negro, Rosa & Verde 198x228mm
Moderno Nero marquina Pol
Moonlight Black Pol 450x1180 & 750x750mm
Nagano Slab Grey Décor
New Sandstone Ivory 600x600mm
New Wave Black and Mid Grey Gloss 75x300mm
Octavia Bone 800x800mm
Paradigm Light Grey Matt 450x900mm & Strip Mosaic
Paradigm White Matt 450x900mm, Strip Mosaic, Hexagon Mosaic
Paradigm Tortora Hexagon Mosaic
Picadilly Ash Grey Matt 300x600mm
Plain Grey Matt wall 75x300mm
Provence Frost 200x200mm, Southern Cross
Pure White Pol 300x600mm
Regal Grey Matt & Pol 600x600mm
Regal Light Grey Pol 300x600mm
Roverwood Natural & Pine 200x1200mm
Rustic White Linea Mosaic
Samurai Nat 75x380mm
Sensorial Line Black Matt 333x1000mm
Sierra Silk Matt 375x750mm and 750x750mm
Silver Fox Flamed Basalt 600x600mm
Silver Scale Mosaic 
Silver Trav Metal Bars Mosaic 
Springwood Buff 200x1200mm
Statuario Matt Wall 100x400mm
Statuario Pol 600x1200mm
Statuario Ultra Soft 1500x3000mm
Stromboli Light, Cream and Silver Peldano 310x330mm
Style Carrara Silver Matt 600x600mm
Thalia Grey Honed Mosaic Hex
Tool Light Grey & Grey Grip 450x900mm
Topcer Blush Pink 100x100mm
Topcer White 100x100mm
Travertine Beige Matt 600x600mm
Travertine Ivory Matt 600x600mm
Travertino Grey & Ivory Pol 300x600mm
Tropical Stone Hexagon Mosaic
Twenty Blues Dec A and Dec B
Varese Light Grey Matt 600x600mm
Vista Bone & Grey Matt 600x1200mm
Vita Mare Décor Mix 100x200mm
Volokas Honed Marble 600x600mm
Wooden White Honed Hexagon Mosaic
Pool Tiles @ 30% off:
Berillo Blue Gloss 100x100mm
Bibulca Taupe Grip 600x600mm
Blanco Brillo 100x300mm
Bonita Hex Black Matt Mosaic
Bonita Penny Round Black Gloss Mosaic
Brickwall Grafito 70x280mm
Calacatta Lux Triangle Mosaic
Calacatta Xtra Honed 600x600 & 600x1200mm
Carrara C Extra Honed 100x600mm Bullnose Marble
Chevron 224x318mm Gloss White 
Click White Wall 400x1200mm
Coffee Stone Stack Mosaic
Coton Blanco 250x750mm
Crosscut Grey Nat 450x450mm
Crosswood Bone & Ebony Matt 200x1200mm
Da Vinci Grigio Matt 200x1200mm
Durastone Ash grey 600x600mm
Emperor Grey 600x600mm
Euromarmo Stat Ven Pol Herringbone Mosaic
Everquartz Crystal White Super Pol 300x600mm
Fan White Gloss & Matt Mosaics
Frame Décor Origami 150x150mm
Genesis Float Red 450x1200mm
Graphite Olive Mosaic
HNT Nebraska Elemento 165x600mm
HNT Natural Nebraska 600x600mm
Horizon Stone Dune Lapp & Charcoal Matt 300x600mm
Horizon White Mosaic
Icon Jet Black Matt in 150x900mm
Icon Bone White Matt 150x900mm
Industry Cenere 600x600mm
Kosmos Stone Light Grey Lapp 450x900mm
K-Wood Grafito 200x1200mm
Magnum Soft Grey 584x1170mm
Materia Black Matt 200x1200mm
Matrix Black Matt 300x300mm
Mercury Light Grey Pol 300x600mm
Modern White & Black Hex Mosaics
Moonlight White Pol 450x1180mm
Nest Comfy Grey & White 300x600mm
Nest White 600x600mm
Net White Wall 400x1200mm
Palatina Bianco Matt 445x892mm
Paradigm Tortora Matt Strip Mosaic
Perla Satin 100x100mm
Piave Coal Matt 450x900mm
Picadilly Marfil Struct 600x600mm
Pietra Grey Honed Mosaic Hex
Renaissance Ivory Brick Mosaic
Seagrass Travertine Honed
Sienna Grigio Lap 300x600mm
Sonara Charcoal Lappato 600x600mm
Stone Xtra Black Matt 600x600mm
Stromboli Silver Grip 430x750mm, 450x750mm
Stromboli Light Grip 375x750mm
Tool White Lapp 450x900mm
Travertino Ivory Pol 600x600mm
Tracks White Matt & Grip 600x600mm
Valencia Strip Mosaic
Washed Stone Anthracite Grip 450x450mm
White Gloss 48x48mm Mosaic
Xtreme White Matt 300x600mm
Xtreme Silver Grip 600x600mm
Belga Charcoal Matt 300x600mm
Bellingen Woodstone 300x600mm
Biz-Art Amethyst Mosaic
Calacatta Hex Pol Mosaic
Concept Gris lappato 750x750mm
Crema Marfil Ivory Pol 300x600mm
Crosswood Ebony Matt 200x1200mm
Crystal Glass Glacier Green Mosaic
Crystal White Pol 750x750mm
Detroit Pol 300x300mm
Eclipse Nero 600x600mm
Extreme Low Grey Matt 600x600mm
Frammenti White, Black & Pearl Mosaics
Icon Taupe Matt 150x900 and 450x900mm
Krakle Viola 100x300mm
K-Wood Timber Tile Desert & Silver 200x1200mm
L-Trenza Metal Brillo 20x200mm
Stromboli Light Maui Pool edge 33x50
Milano Light Grey Matt 300x600mm
Modena Onde Bianco 225x225mm
Naranja Brillo 100x300mm
Nautica Linea Mosaic Blend
Nest Grey Pav 300x600mm
Oxo Line Blanco 316x900mm
Palatino Cappucino 600x600mm
Regal Vanilla Pol 300x600mm
Renaissance Ivory Matt 300x600mm
Rio Sandstone Ivory Matt 300x600mm
Sensorial White Matt 333x1000mm
Silk Grigio 300x600mm
Sintra White Nat 86x262mm
Sonara Bone Structured 600x600mm
Sonara Beige Matt 600x600mm
Stonebox Piacentina Elemento 150x600mm
Studio White Matt 75x150mm
Stromboli Cream Grip 450x750mm
Topcer Hexagon White 100x115mm
Touchstone Smoked Grey Pol 600x600mm
Uptown Beige Grip 600x600mm
Urban Limestone White & Light Grey Matt 600x600mm
Vienna Ash 200x200mm, Southern Cross
Xtreme White Grip & Matt 600x600mm
Black Forest Linea Mosaic
Chevron Matt Grey 224x318mm
Cotswold Nero Wall 75x300mm
Frame Décor Stripes Matt 150x150mm
Frame Indigo 250x760mm
Herringbone Charcoal Matt Mosaic 274x318mm
HNT Natural Nebraska Stonemix Muretto 300x600mm
Plain White Matt 300x600mm Wall Tile
Qatar Arena 316x900mm
Saloon Dark Grey 200x800mm
Sintra Taupe Nat 86x262mm
Subway Smoke Matt 450x900mm
Tool Tortora Lappato 450x900mm
Topcer Hexagon Mid Grey 100x1158mm
Touchstone Walnut Pol 600x600mm
Xtreme Mud Bricks Mosaic
Xtreme White Bricks & Elemento 150x600mm
AC Acquarella Capri Mosaic
Antracite Satin 100x100mm
Atelier Toffee Wall 75x150mm
Babylon Oak Ash Mosaic
Berlin Caramel & Graphite Gloss Wall 50x200mm
Caprice Bianco Octogonal 170x170mm
Concret Roma, Concret EU18/170, 180x180mm
Duna Onice 75x150mm
Edna Green Mosaics
L-Combi Beige 50x200mm
Mela Satin 100x300mm
Mod Combi Hielo Mosaic
Pastel Blue Mosaic
Picasso Mocha Arts Mosaics
Pietra Matt Slab 1200x2400x9mm
Retro Negre 70x600mm
Shapes Black Matt, Kioto in White Matt & Gloss, White Matt & Gloss, Japan White Gloss
Walks Grey 600x1200mm
Xtreme Silver Elemento 150x600mm
Vermillion Gloss Glass Mosaics

* Usual terms and conditions apply. Only while stocks last. 

Please note: Whilst the specials do apply, not all products are available to view in all stores. Stock may become depleted as it is purchased. For further detail on price and availability, please contact your nearest store; http://www.tilewarehouse.co.nz/about-us/find-a-store/.