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Mosaics mosaics mosaics...

Mosaics are rocketing out the door at Tile Warehouse. They are the perfect addition to re-style a kitchen or bathroom without breaking the bank.

With geometric shapes and interesting textures being forecasted as the trend in flooring and wall tiles for 2013, Tile Warehouse’s latest range from Spain, Vidrepur is a must-see for home builders and renovators.

Energetic hues and interesting patterning are no longer limited to fabric and paint. We are seeing a return of iconic patterns and colours of the 1950’s and 60’s from the honeycomb to the rainbow to zig-zag. Tile shapes and mosaics are appearing in sharp and crisp patterning and as three-dimensional style. The trend in adding an edge to rooms in 2013 will veer away from the basic rectangle and flat shape and texture and dimension will dominate the market.

Vidrepur has an edge on competitors by supplying high fashion yet environmentally-stable product. Old glass bottles, car windows and other previously used colour-less glass is cleaned and crushed into small pieces then pulverized into a fine powder by special machinery. Pigment is added either before or after the powder is pressed in moulds at a pressure of 6000 tons. These moulds are then placed in ovens at extremely high temperatures then when cool, the mesh is added. 

The ECO ARTS range is available in 7 colour-ways; Gris Claro Mate Mall (white), Negro Mate Malla (black), Negro Trazos Ro (black/red), Pizarra (silver), Oro Saten (gold), Negro Agua (textured black) and Blanco Puro Mat (white textured). Sheet sizes are 25mm x 25mm.

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