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New Technology Comes to the Tile Industry

Tile Warehouse is known for being innovative with technology and have recently developed their custom-made TILE VISUALISER further by introducing “Load My Own Image”. Users can now upload any image they like, either from a photo file or camera. This is particularly useful during consultations simply because images are loaded on the fly using a smartphone or tablet. Once loaded, tiles can be interchanged until the perfect look & design is located. This saves crucial time for both the designer and the client.

Built from the ground-up, the Visualiser tool has been specifically designed to make the tile selection process as easy as possible.

THE VISUALISER as a tool reinforces expert suggestions and creative ideas to clients and boosts confidence, in an often intimidating environment.

The significant investment in this technology means that changes and designs can be seen in seconds. Visualising end spaces saves so much time and endless hours. All that is required is a little design flair!

Designed by New Zealanders for New Zealanders and brought to you by the Tile Specialists.

Start experimenting now to see how easy it is to use! Click here.

Add this technology to your toolkit and wow your clients with this advanced solution. Visualising an end result is one of the most difficult challenges facing those building and renovating which leads us to a continual development in this tool.

Watch the demo video here