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Trends in Tile

Sometimes when researching for a renovation or new build project, it's easy to get overwhelmed by information, product choice, and advice on colours & trends!

In this BLOG post, we focus on just two stand-out tile trends for this year, Terrazzo and Nature-inspired.



Featured above: Venice Villa

Terrazzo in all shapes and colours remains a dominant trend in 2022. With its decorative speckled design and soft textural pattern, Terrazzo is endlessly stylish and versatile and is fast becoming an interior favourite as a more affordable alternative to marble or granite. 

There are virtually unlimited color and pattern options – fragments can be anything from marble to quartz, glass, and metal. Such mixes create depth and texture, whilst a smooth finish keeps the look modern and easy to maintain once installed. At Tile Warehouse we only import A-grade quality tiles, many of them full-body* and even-through bodied such as the Venice Villa range.

Tile imitating concrete coating, known as Terrazzo, has gained popularity. each piece offers a real interplay of colours that capture and reflect light, enhancing homes and commercial spaces. Terrazzo dates back to ancient Greece, when the floor was laid out with pebbles and then cemented. In this case, natural materials were used: limestone, marble, glass, stone. Today, such a floor can be seen in both residential and commercial buildings across the world!

If you love this style of design, it's a fabulous way to create a fresh look that may not date a space as easily as other trends.

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Featured above: Helsinki, Fragmenta, Lume         

Another emerging trend for 2021 is nature-inspired interiors. Contact with nature and natural surroundings blur the borders between exterior and interior, and create some amazing opportunities in architecture and design.

As the world around us pauses to breathe and reflect, more and more of us are gaining pleasure from working from as well as relaxing in, our homes. So, it follows that preferred colour palettes in 2021 and beyond during renovation or building decisions will emulate nature. Think lush greens, deep moss tones, and the rich, rustic reds of autumnal leaves.

Modern design in tiles makes extensive use of neutral colours, and this remains the topic for 2021 bathroom tile trends. Bright colours such as blue, red, and yellow will not be trend contenders in the near future. Instead, homeowners are increasingly falling in love with calm colours - light neutrals such as grey and cream and greens in various shades.

Green in all its many forms is inherently tranquil and connected to nature and this is why choosing tiles from this colour palette will have longevity. Natural shades found in interior items such as rattan, sisal, bamboo, and wood complement green colourways which is why this is an emerging trend in tile choice likely to stay for some time.

Since we spend so much time indoors, a touch of greenery can add the benefits of biophilia to a room. CLICK HERE to view our range of tiles in green tones>>>

Whether it be a new build or renovation, at Tile Warehouse we have an unequaled design range.

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* Full body porcelain means the entire tile is composed of natural clays. Full body, unglazed porcelain tiles have higher slip resistance, higher abrasion resistance, and higher impact resistance than glazed porcelain tile. Full-body porcelain is a more technical product in that, during its life cycle, any small signs of wear on the surface remain minimal and don’t compromise the functional characteristics of the product in any way. The unique aesthetic values and technical performance render the product suitable for both residential use and commercial use, for more demanding stresses.
Glazed porcelain tile is a product that is enriched with applications of glazes and decorations on the surface to achieve more sophisticated aesthetic effects. Due to its aesthetic characteristics, it is usually more indicated for residential use or for commercial use with average stresses.


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