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What's trending for Bathrooms?
If you're renovating or building, this year one of the top trends we're seeing is for warm and earthy tones in bathroom spaces. Burnt Orange, wood-looks mixed soft creams and taupes. Some retro-styling has come back which partners well with sudden pops of colour on gorgeous neutrals. 

We've compiled a must-see list of tiles and mosaic options above, links to product details below. Enjoy the inspo'!

ZELLIGE; Morrocan-look tradition meets industrial ceramics. The hand-crafted look tiles in the Zellige series are produced in shades with glossy finish and visible variations in tone. 
FRAGMENTA; Stunning full-bodied porcelain, terrazzo-effect tiles with ultimate technical features.
IN FALDA; Coveted by designers, this Italian traditional French pattern in stunning travertine is making a huge comeback. 
WOOD XTRA; Warm and inviting for living rooms and spaces that call for warm ambience.
TAVOLA; A Porcelain, wood-look timber tile with matching decors.
LUME; A decidedly contemporary range with ultra-glossy, flawed surfaces in six calming shades.
DORIAN; A rich, warm metal look with 3 colour options.
BALTIMORE; A Jura stone-look with soft undertones.
STONEBOX; A porcelain play on the famous Rich Autumn slate
VENICE VILLA Reinterprets the famous Venetian ‘terrazzo’ in a contemporary key, combining the appearance of crushed marble fragments with the excellent properties of full body porcelain stoneware
VENEZIA; Nicknamed “La Serenissima” meaning serene, this fabulous Italian range offers the traditional nature of the terrazzo look.
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