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Why choose ALPINE Flooring?

There is a myriad of timber-look flooring options available on the market today which can make product selection confusing if you're building or renovating. Oftentimes with products such as laminates & LVT, what looks good on the outside is not necessarily an indication of a product that will last or is safe in your home. There are also questions around sustainability and longevity of flooring in that many are manufactured with MDF or HDF (wood that is susceptible to moisture and damage) or are petroleum-based with chemicals that may emit VOC's into the air after installation. 

At Tile Warehouse, we are very conscious of only offering sound advice on sustainable flooring that will last the test of time. We will not overpromise or misrepresent products as waterproof when in fact they are water-resistant on the surface only.

Many of us have experienced fading or scratches on our floors and with the potential for floods and water leakage in bathrooms, laundries, and even kitchens, the average floor product will not survive this. For these areas of the home, your best option is always tile floors in these areas. 

When it comes to living room areas, bedrooms and entranceways, laminates, LVT, and Vinyl flooring are regularly promoted as great options. However, it is important to know that not all flooring products are created equal! It's a good idea to ask questions and research what these products are manufactured with. Ascertain if the flooring product is water susceptible (wood and water do not mix!) and then logic can flush out unrealistic claims.

Flooring is the heaviest trafficable area in any house and subject to abrasion and impacts so it’s very important you arm yourself with product knowledge, invest in the right fit-for-purpose option, and purchase from credible flooring suppliers that offer honesty and appropriate guarantees. At Tile Warehouse, you can rest easy knowing you are backed by decades of expertise from a Kiwi household-name & flooring brand.  We are not here to offer you short term solutions, but a solution that is long-lasting and sustainable.

Our technical team at Tile Warehouse spent years researching overlay flooring options before deciding on a Stone-composite called ALPINE - a flooring product that is quality-manufactured and also suitable for DIY projects with its easy click-together system. Because of the on-trend longer length of 230x1524mm as well as the realistic and stunning colourway options, ALPINE is incredibly popular across New Zealand. 

So, why chose ALPINE for your home? Let's find out!

The Warmth of Timber, The Durability of Stone

ALPINE planks are made up of five distinct layers, each working in partnership to create a floor that will stand up to the tough demands of life. These layers are bonded together in a one-step heat fusion process, not glued, so they will not de-laminate!  

Key Benefits:


• Most laminate flooring is Petroleum based. ALPINE is free of nasty chemicals & VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). It's also 100% recyclable.

• Alpine is Scratch, Stain, and Water-resistant

• Being 'stone' based, it is easy to maintain and clean

• R10 slip resistance, Slip resistance 0.57 Pendulum wet test.

• STC (Sound Transmission Class) = 67

• IIC (Impact Insulation Class) = 69

• Wear class 34 - heavy commercial

• Higher density, more rigid & more durable than laminate flooring means minor subfloor imperfections will not telegraph through

• Environmentally conscious primary material of 70% Limestone resulting in extra rigidity.

• Stone Composite is 4x more dimensionally stable than LVT & 10x more impact resistant than WPC

• No acclimatisation needed, easy click installation

• Large area installation without transitions

• Lower sound transmission; backed with EVA

• The I4F “fold-down” locking system has a far superior locking strength

• Made from all Virgin material yet 100% recyclable

• Orthophthalates-free, No DOP, No DINP

• FloorScore accredited production

• In the case of a flood, the floor can be unzipped, dried, and re-laid (unlike laminate, carpet, vinyl or wooden flooring).


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Can you install Alpine directly on shower floors?

No this is not recommended  and not covered under the warranty – porcelain tiles are the better solution/product to use in this instance. While the Alpine planks themselves are water resistant, due to the floating nature of this product it is not to be used directly inside shower bases.

Can you install Alpine in wet areas such as bathrooms?

It’s not advisable and  not covered by the warranty. Here’s why.  All wet areas need to be fully tanked/waterproofed under the building code prior to any floor finish being installed over the top. Failure to do so will leave the homeowner exposed to the risk of leaks through their wider living areas and opportunity for mould to grow. Common sense dictates you will not be wanting to rely on a topical flooring that can be subject to movement and penetrations and flooding to protect your risk from water. To be safe and protect your largest investment you need to waterproof first, if you then lay alpine over the top the material itself is water-resistant and the joints themselves are the patented I4F locking system (that in our tests has not let water through).

Can you install Alpine directly over the top of underfloor heating?

Yes, however you must use level floor compound over the top of it first to account for any voids. This layer needs to be 1cm thick at least. Alpine can handle temps of up to 30 degrees Celsius.Always check with the manufacturer of the sub-floor heating for their recommendations on new slabs.

What is the slip rating on Alpine planks?

While the slip rating doesn’t directly correlate with tile abrasions results Alpine classes as an R10. There are two ways Alpine planks have been tested for slip. On the Ramp Test, they deliver an R10 result, and a Slip Coefficient .57 Pendulum Wet Test.

What is the wear layer on Alpine planks?

Alpine has a wear layer of 0.5mm’s – the warranty on this is 10 years.

Can Alpine be installed in an exterior setting?

No this product is not to be used outdoors.

Can Alpine be installed directly in front of a fireplace?

No this is not advisable and not covered under warranty due to possible heat damage. Using porcelain tiles is always considered best practice for hearths.

Is it safe to use Alpine planks in areas where wheelchairs are frequently used?

Yes – Alpine is perfect for this application.

Can you install kitchens or cabinetry directly on top of Alpine?

No, this is not best practice. Cabinetry should be installed first and the Alpine installed afterward. Installing directly on top of cabinetry is not covered in the warranty.

How do I maintain and clean my Alpine flooring?

To ensure daily dust and debris doesn’t build up we recommend sweeping or vacuuming regularly using soft bristle brushes and vacuum attachments. If spills occur, wipe them up promptly and follow with a wet microfibre or a steam mop. For deeper cleaning spray and mop using a pH neutral cleaner. Always avoid cleaners that contain polish, wax or oil. Ensure any acidic or pet messes are cleaned up immediately to prevent staining. 

For more information about care and maintenance, please refer to our Alpine Flooring Care and Maintenance leaflet.

Will any imperfections in the subfloor telegraph through?

No. Due to the rigid nature of Alpine flooring and the superior locking system imperfections in the sub floor will not telegraph through, creating a perfectly flat floor. Alpine is 4 times more dimensionally stable than LVT.

Is Alpine a safe and environmentally friendly choice of flooring for your home?

Yes! Alpine is Ortho-Phthalate Free and is free from DOP (Dioctyl phthalate) and DNIP (Di-isononyl-phthalate) and formaldehyde. It has low  VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and has been given Floorscore certification.

Why is Stone Composite considered better quality than MDF hardwood and laminates?

Stone Composite brings together the durability and strength of stone with the versatility and ease of installation and maintenance associated with like-products. It is 3 times more rigid, 10 times more impact resistant, and with a core of stone, more durable than laminate flooring.

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