Save On the Square Metre at Tile Warehouse | Tile Warehouse

SAVE on the Square Metre for your dream home this month at Tile Warehouse... 

To tile your home, save up to 40 square metres!

Affordable and Achievable! Bring your vision to life and dream home to reality.


Terms & Conditions:

* The Additional FREE Square Metres are to be the SAME product as the original 10m2.

* The total of 10m2 must be purchased in full before the free product is added.

* The total qty purchased including the free qty, will need to be rounded to the nearest box lot. 

* 40m2 is based on an average 3 bed home + 2 bathroom home. 

* Our usual T’s and C’s apply. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer.

* Not available on indent items. Offer expires 30th April 2019.

Returns: In the interests of this campaign, no returns for excess tiles purchased during this promotion are available.