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Unglazed Fine Porcelain Tiles in size 10x10 and 15x15 (cm), in several textures and shapes, complemented by 49 matching trim pieces, all of them available in 30 colours. Sizes 7.5x15, 10x30 and 30x30 (cm) are also available in 16 colours.

Due to the technical characteristics of the product (high breaking strength, resistance to wear, frost, acid and non-slippery properties) Topcer tiles are mostly used in all types of high demanding traffic areas, being sold mainly through architectural and design specifications.

The main uses are: swimming pools decks, saunas, changing rooms and in all sort of heavy traffic floors and walls, such as hospitals, schools, hotels, private houses, restaurants, pubs, shopping malls, supermarkets, industrial areas, industrial kitchens as well as railway, metro and petrol stations, etc.

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