UPLOAD IMAGE OF YOUR ROOM. Image must be a .jpg or .png file.
Upload image
Take a photo
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To save your design to FAVOURITES, VIEW then click SAVE. LOG IN to email or print you images from any computer. PLEASE NOTE: The Visualiser is currently optimised for Chrome and Firefox.
define area & use
define area & use
choose tool
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tool tips
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search by name
select a colour
wishlist tiles
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grout colour
tile size (mm)
Tile Selected

Tile perspectives and looks are indicative of final look only

re-size tiles / zoom
tile rotation
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view image
Zoom to change tile size
Click to drag points
TIP: move mouse to a point on the outer corner of your area. Then drag to next corner & so on.
NB: You must finish back at original point
Use to draw freely.
For straight lines, try 
To delete & start over,
click here
Use  to change direction of tile
Select "Area" then click around image perimeter ending on same point as start.
Select "Undo" if an error is made.
When finished click "NEXT" or select another area to define.
Drag corners TL (top Left), TR, BL, BR (bottom right) to define tile perspective.
Drag the sliders to visually size and rotate tiles to your image.
Select a tile to view in your defined area.
NB: Tiles only display if they match area use. If unable to view tiles, try changing grout colour, top left.
Print, email or "Wishlist" to save your design.
You can crop Image by dragging corners and selecting Done button