TradeBuzz Winter 2014
TradeBuzz Winter 2014




Welcome to Trade Buzz, Winter 2014

As many of the trade are very aware, as from the first of February I have returned to
Tile Warehouse, a company I established in 1989. We are now 100% Kiwi owned and operated!

Much has changed since 1989 when I was the Forklift Driver, Sales Manager, Accountant and Marketer, but what has not changed is the importance of relationships between trade loyal tilers and Tile Warehouse. The interaction where Tile Warehouse markets tile and stone to Architects, Designers and Retail Customers and then refers the work to tilers, who in turn support Tile Warehouse by purchasing the materials that are required to perform the installation is very symbiotic and rewarding.

We see partner tilers as part of our team as we are all striving to look after the same customers and give them tile and stone they can be proud of and a lifestyle they aspire to have.

We are keen to add more quality tradesmen to our trade loyal group who we can promote to our customers, so if you have not become one of the chosen please contact your local Tile Warehouse Branch Manager and discuss the opportunity to increase your business.

Thank you for all your support and good tiling over the winter!

Neville Colbert.



Where does the mould fungus come from?

There are a number of people in our industry who still believe that polished, honed or lappato porcelain tiles should be sealed. We believe this is a market reaction to lower quality (less dense) porcelains being imported. We generally find that these inferior polished porcelains have significantly reduced stain resistance and in the natural form, will stain easily.

How does mould fungus spread?

The main factors are:
- High humidity
- Warmth and poor ventilation
- Washing residues, soap etc

Can a good silicone prevent this?

The greater number of all silicone sealant materials in the market are fungicidal, that is fungus retarding, including all silicones from Tile Warehouse’s product range.

When the fungus spores germinate, the fungicide is taken up into the cell of the fungus and is then destroyed. At the same time the fungicide is gradually used up. A long-term effect can only be achieved with highly poisonous chemicals, these are, of course, prohibited by the legislators.

The Federal Health Ministry recommends a so-called spatial load limit. This upper limit must not be exceeded by fungicides, which are given off from the silicone joints. Maxisil products keep to these load limits and offer a sensible balance of good effectiveness and compatability.

How does one prevent mould fungus forming?

The most effective, simplest and healthiest method is to deprive the spores of the possibility for growth. Silicone joints should be rinsed after taking a shower, then dried with a cloth. The silicone joints should be cleaned with a normal household cleaner, rinsed and dried once a week. Also regular airing of the room cannot be over emphasised. Joints contaminated by the mould fungus must be treated with a massive chemical dose. Cutting out and renewal is the only permanent solution.


Why is it essential to get rid of laitance?

Laitance is a major cause of failure in flooring installations. It takes the form of a weak, friable layer on the surface of concrete and sand cement screeds which appears after curing. It is made from cement and fine aggregates that rise to the surface when too much water is added. It may also be due to rain damage during placing, or from over trowelling. Subsequent poor curing of the surface will also contribute towards the formation of laitance. Scrabbling, grinding and abrading are recommended for removing laitance.

Before laying tiles, always check that the batch numbers are the same on all boxes

  • Measure twice cut once!
  • Replace scoring wheels after approximately 350 Lm of cutting
  • Use an additive in your grout to improve adhesion strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance
  • When smoothing silicone, use a professional product such as “SMOOTHEX” - available at Tile Warehouse
  • When sealing grout, use the applicator and adjust the flow rate by twisting the nozzle
  • Do not use a lot of water when cleaning up black grout, you may wash the oxide out and be left with white latex showing through (this happens with Kemgrout sometimes
  • If you are working with patterned tiles, lay out tiles on a flat surface first to check you are happy with the layout prior to installation - it is also a good idea to number them.
Tile Warehouse

Tile Warehouse Tauranga is one of the bay’s leading tile retailers and we look to build on that for 2014. A main focus for 2014 is to continually exceed customer expectation! (Especially our Tilers).

We have recently appointed new staff to fill some key positions within the branch. Jaimee Abbot joins us in the showroom. Jaimee has extensive retail and merchandising experience and has hit the ground running. Jaimee thrives on engaging with customers and has the personality to suit.

Sam Zvagulis joins us as Storeman/Sales. Sam has predominately always worked within the trade industry and thoroughly enjoys getting ‘stuck in’ and learning new things. Sam is always up for a laugh, joke or a coffee.

Leo and Sarah are still here. Leo still ‘steering the ship’ and Sarah doing everything she can to not have him crash. Not to worry, they should by now know what they are doing with over twenty years experience in the industry between them, they are always willing to provide a solution to whatever tiling challenge you may have.

Recently we held a table tennis tournament to determine who would be given the ‘Tauranga’s Best Tiler’ trowel. Amongst the twenty two entries there was plenty of skill on show (and some not so good). However, the prize could only go to one, and this was contested in a closely fought final which saw Kieran Rihari out-gun Callum Gorman 21-18.

Well done Kieran, you’ll be defending that title shortly.

In 2014 we intend to hold trade functions more regularly to grow and strengthen relationships with the local tilers.

At Tile Warehouse Tauranga, our focus is to not only provide our trade with the best value in product; but also outstanding service and technical support wherever possible.

We look forward to working and assisting you this year so please pop in and say hello.

The Team @ Tile Warehouse Tauranga

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