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6 of the Latest Tile Trends


If you follow global tile trends, there are three key events to watch each year. One of them, Cersaie which the team at Tile Warehouse visited yearly pre-pandemic, takes place in Bologna, Italy. The other two major tile events are Cevisama, Spain’s equivalent of Cersaie, and Coverings, the USA-based expo hosted by trade councils from Spain, Italy and North America. These events showcase what will be trending on our shores and in our showrooms the following year. 

Whilst events have been on the back burner for the past couple of years due to Covid, Tile Warehouse has been heavily involved in the product selection process, remotely. Having built an exclusive littany of Italian, Spanish and other top suppliers of tile from around the world for over 33 years, we have access to the best, most on-trend tile ranges available worldwide. It's a beautiful industry to be a part of with an ever-evolving offering of new pattern and technology, most times following on from the fashion palettes of the year previous.

Below we share some interesting new trends developing this year which may interest you if you are looking to renovate or build new;


Feat: Zellige | Lume | Stromboli

1. MAKING A STATEMENT/ORIGINALITY: Customers and Specifiers alike are choosing to be bolder, thinking less about gentle neutrals and ‘resale value,’ and more around what will truly make them smile at home. A recurring theme in interiors we are seeing post the pandemic almost like the chrysalis that turns into a beautiful, vibrant butterfly.



Feat: Zellige | Grunge | Helsinki

2. GREEN: One blockbuster trend we're seeing which is growing is the use of the colour green in everything from fabric to tile — currently popular in virtually every space of the home, including kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms. We think it's a trend here to stay for some time, from classic pastels, to rich, invigorating greens to green mural tiles. 


Tip: Tile can also be installed in so many varying patterns to create depth and original design!



Feat: Caribbean | Modena

3. THE SQUARE: Square tiles are in! Deviating from the classic subway wall rectangular share, classic square tiles continue to make their rounds—albeit with a contemporary update.


Tip: Use a high-contrast grout to really make the pattern stand out!



Feat: Fragmenta 

4. TEXTURE: Utilising materials with a rich tactile quality—surfaces that make you want to lean in, touch and get a closer look. With ever more sophisticated printing technology, it’s easier than ever to produce impressive surfaces with textured and three dimensional finishes.

5. VIVID COLOUR: Vibrant colors are popping up in plain and also patterned tile such as moroccan look, and coppers. Using tiles with vivid colourways can make for an impressive result and a high end statement. 


Feat: Lume* | Get this look with Stromboli **

6. TWO-TONE Colour: bringing in the same tile in two shades adds the most beautiful visual interest. 


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