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7 Ideas for your Laundry Makeover!


We have noticed a growing number of people renovating their laundry spaces post-Covid and lockdown. Whilst laundries are traditionally not glamorous spaces, they are a place we spend a reasonable amount of time in so it makes sense to give this area some attention! 

Your laundry space needn't be boring and monochrome! Go wild with a fun Moroccan pattern (very on-trend this year) or a colourful subway wall tile. Black and White is also a great option - a classic and when used well, can create a dynamic and visually stunning result. 

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Laundries need to be both functional and fit in with the design of your home interiors. It's also worth bearing in mind that laundries = flood potential! Many of us have experienced this with the adverse result of lifting floorboards or vinyl. Not to mention the water seepage into wall and ceiling cavities. Tiles, installed correctly, will provide you with a waterproof solution! Floods can be easily mopped up with no short or long-term damage to your floor and surrounding spaces.  

Water also creates havoc on painted walls with spot stains from tubs (especially for those of us washing kids sports boots in winter!) or again, long-term damage to wall finishes. For a stress-free, easy wipe down solution, tiles really are the best option. Go classic white subway or have some more fun with a hexagonal or a pretty decorative wall tile. Make this space we apparently spend roughly 67 hours in a year (!), enjoyable.


Most tiles are suitable for wet areas, from standard format to the smallest decoratives. Check out our selection of wall tiles suitable for your laundry walls HERE >>>


Below are some tips and images to give you inspo' if your laundry space is well overdue for some TLC!

These days, laundry spaces are getting smaller which begs the question of the best ways in which to maximise space and storage whilst incorporating an element of design. If we need to spend time in there, it may as well be easy on the eye! 

1. Add Shelving to unused corners ...

2. Add Wall Storage for Laundry supplies ...

3. Store supplies in stylish baskets + storage containers...

4. Hang a Drying Rack From the ceiling ...


5. Utilise the back of the door ...


6. Add some cute mesh baskets to the wall to declutter floor space...

A hanging wire storage rack works well for storing detergent, dryer sheets or orphan socks that need to find their mates. The hooks are a great option for hanging lingerie or other smaller items to dry.


7. Cast an eye around the room and look for opportunities to hang baskets or shelving....


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