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8 Key Steps to Renovating



There are two key reasons people chose to renovate, one is to improve living spaces thereby improving the enjoyment of living in the home. Secondly, renovations are undertaken to increase a home's appeal thereby increasing its sale value for those wishing to sell and move on. Whatever the reason, there are lots of choices for updating and modifying a current home to make it fit your lifestyle and personal vision for how a home should look and feel but both options take some serious consideration, planning, and research!  

The advent of home renovation reality TV alongside kiwi's passion for DIY, has fuelled the fire of the renovation and new-build markets. Home renovation programmes can provide some great ideas. Other ways to source such inspiration is by visiting open homes, enviable homes of family and friends, online avenues such as pinterest and houzz and by visiting specialist stores. At Tile Warehouse we have a high amount of customers coming to us to start their reno' journey - bewildered looks tell us it is no small undertaking which is why it's our job to consistently help with design and ensure the product selection process is easy!


The 8 Key Steps to Renovating are...

  1. Demolition – this includes the removal of anything in your renovated space that is not needed. From pulling up carpet and wallpaper to tearing down walls or cutting a hole in the roof. Ask your builder about general timelines so you can plan ahead if you need to stay offsite for awhile.
  2. Rebuilding – After the demo is complete it is time to start rebuilding any framing that is required and repositioning of windows and doors etc. 
  3. Utilities –  in this step, consider any requirements to rewire, especially if an older home and update any electrical panels. Gas and water utilities need to be considered also especially if you are remodeling a bathroom or kitchen. This is also the time to update water supply lines if necessary to new copper pipes which are not only more sturdy but allow water to run more quietly. For a remodel that is going to add gas appliances, running new pipes is a must but a larger meter may need to be installed too. Lastly, complete any ductwork for central heating or air conditioning units.
  4. Walls – Walls need to be enclosed with insulation and lined with gib board or similar product. You'll then need to smooth all wall surfaces by plastering or whatever finish you decide upon. Once the walls are smooth they are ready for tiling, painting, or adding wallpaper.
  5. Flooring - It is common practice and recommended to install your flooring at this step. Installing flooring after walls have been tiled or painted, avoids any damage to the floors. For maximum resale value for your home, laying tiles throughout will give your home a quality appearance. Read more on this. below  
  6. Cabinetry – Now it's time to install new cabinets for the kitchen or bathroom - everything from upper storage cabinets to vanities along with countertops that have been pre-cut with spaces to accommodate sinks and appliances. 
  7. Appliances – For kitchen renovations, now is the time to add your shiny new toys! Refrigerators, ovens, stovetops, and sinks alongside stylish tapware. For laundry spaces, this would involve the washer, dryer, and tub installation, and for bathrooms, the bath, shower, and vanity tapware. If you chose to keep your previous appliances, they will be introduced to their new locations. In 2020 Tile Warehouse introduced Bathroomware to our product offering to assist our consumers by shopping for everything they require under one roof! We now offer the UNIKA Tapware series, an extensive range of gorgeous, quality tapware from matt black, to stainless to rose gold accent! It's affordable and beautiful.  Our Bathware, UNIKA has also been incredibly popular due to the prices of the products, all with quality 6mm acrylic on strong stainless steel framing. CLICK HERE to read about our UNIKA range and download the brochure >>>
  8. Final touches – Now the real fun starts - have fun online or visit retailers to select shelving, cushions, throw rugs, and accessories., Consider accessories in a colourwave to match fittings such as the current trending brass, gold or matt black. If you're not confident to select these, engage an interior decorator to assist in making your personal style a reality. NZ has some incredibly successful Interior Designers who more than match the eye for detail of overseas equivalents plus many think outside the square and create original designs. All adding up to a final result and home you can be super proud of!


Where Tiles are perfect for Renovations

1. The presence of tiles or stone on floors, walls, and splashbacks have a higher perceived value to potential house purchasers. Well-designed homes with beautiful tile, stone, and glass throughout living, outdoor, and bathroom areas will enhance the value of any home. We can help you achieve this with design advice and the perfect selections for your taste and budget.

2. The addition of colourful or textured wall tiles in a splash-back area can add huge design-appeal and make all the difference to a kitchen, bathroom, or even bedroom's look without necessarily costing a fortune. It’s an area where you can be really creative because the area is typically minimal. If a bold and colourful tile is chosen, if not enjoyed by future home-owners, it can be removed and updated at a relatively low cost.

Kitchens are one of the key areas that prospective buyers consider when searching for a home.

A well-designed and expertly finished kitchen can be a hot selling point and has real potential to add value when selling.

So, what do people look for in a kitchen? Generally speaking, as well as functionality, people focus on the look and feel of the kitchen and more often than not, simple and cost-effective tweaks can yield great results.

Above Feat. Vee Mosaics, Stucci Greige and Blue Frammenti Black and Classic Carrara Hexagon

Tiled splash-backs are both functional and eye-catching. Thanks to the countless selection of tiles we have available, you are spoilt for choice. Splash-backs no longer have to be plain or made of a single piece of glass. Tiles are excellent alternatives as they are easy to clean, and come in all sorts of styles, from the classic subway look to the ultra-chic. Don’t be afraid to be expressive – kitchen splash-backs, like bathroom walls, are fantastic spaces to show off your personality and originality. With all the colour, pattern, and texture options available in tiles these days, you can show off your design flair and bring additional value to the property. CLICK HERE to start short-listing options for your project >>>

Expanding on the same ideas, kitchen floors can also be transformed through tiling or installing a quick to install, overlay flooring such as our stone-composite range, ALPINE. A quick and easy way to update your floors and you can even do it yourself! Take a look at the details of this increasingly popular product on our website, ALPINE >>> 

Feat. ALPINE European Oak

Tiling floors is also a straight-forward process if using a qualified installer. The improvement of your home featuring a tiled floor will be two-fold. Firstly, functionality is improved as tiles are hardwearing and low maintenance. Even in a high-traffic area, tiles will hold their appearance from the day they are installed. Secondly, when the time comes to sell, a tiled kitchen floor will remain looking new, conveying quality. This is called future-proofing and the perception of quality is oftentimes then assumed to be a given throughout the remainder of the home, much like a brick or tiled clad exterior as opposed to timber or similar product.

Feat. Portofino White, Arnold Sky Gloss & Luthier Line-mix

Kitchen renovations don‘t have to be complicated so long as you receive the right advice from industry experts. Tiling can maximise a home’s resale value, through improved looks and feel, longevity, and functionality. A tiled splashback and tiled kitchen floor may be the perfect investment to make as they often transform an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary space in a home.


Renovating should be fun and the right team around you can make that happen. We invite you to visit our stores for expert advice on the right tile choices, installation, quotes and to view the latest designs from Europe and around the world.

We're here to help and we love good design and celebrating great results with our clients. We're also fully stocked with new release product lines so come and see us for a hassle-free renovation process!

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