A HOT TOPIC - Building GREEN | Tile Warehouse

Video Presentation from Alex Reiche, Envirospec NZ.

Going green is a HOT topic in New Zealand this year and will continue to be, with many kiwi's looking to access ethical, sustainably-produced product in all areas of life from plastic bag-free shopping to clothing and now, home and build product.

This year, Tile Warehouse has partnered with the NZGBC because we understand there are many, like us, who want to do all they can to protect the environment and purchase sustainably for the protection of future generations. Part of that involves ensuring we build and live in, the healthiest of homes possible.

This video helps explain why green-building is important and how you can be a part of that, with tile. As tile is an inert product and free from VOC's, it aligns well with green building operations. Over the past few years, Tile Warehouse has made a considerable investment of time and funds to achieve Homestar* & Greenstar* ratings for several of their product lines. It's important to us that consumers have the option to buy a certified product and do their bit in protecting our green environment. 

* For further information on Homestar and Greenstar building, please visit the NZGBC website here

Above are a few selected examples of living area tile and how these can look aesthetically beautiful whilst contributing to thermal mass calculations in homes and commercial spaces.