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A Mosaic resurgence in tiles!

The word ‘mosaic’ comes from the Latin term, ‘musaeum’ meaning 'decoration with small square stones'. In the ancient world, mosaics were usually used for floors and footpaths, particularly from stone such as marble and chalk because of their longevity. Although the origin of mosaics is accredited to the Greeks, mosaics were also used in Assyrian, Egypt, Persia and other ancient civilisations. The Romans are also famous for producing sophisticated mosaics for use on walls and floors in halls, villas and public spaces; many of which are still visible today.

This ancient craft is currently experiencing a resurgence so Tile Warehouse have extended their range this year with glass, stone and ceramic mosaics appearing in sharp and crisp patterning and three-dimensional style.The current trend in mosaics favours colour and shape originality with Moroccan-influenced patterns playing a large part. For range options, please see here; http://tilewarehouse.azurewebsites.net/search-results?keywords=mosaics

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