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A Testement to the Durability of Tile


The history of ceramic tile extends to nearly every culture of the world. Social, political, and economic forces have influenced tile over the centuries, and in turn, tile has lent its versatile style and functionality to our greatest historical buildings and most treasured icons. The fact that numerous early tile constructions still exist is a testament to ceramic tile’s durability.

Recently, Archaeologists in London’s Southwark neighbourhood uncovered a spectacular ancient Roman mosaic estimated at 1800 years old. Located within a mile of the Shard skyscraper, the Globe Theatre and the London Bridge, the mosaic is the largest of its kind found in the English capital in the past 50 years. It’s not uncommon to uncover Roman ruins and artifacts in South London, where the Roman city of Londinium was located. (The Romans ruled Britain from the first to the fifth century and founded the capital of Roman Britannia in London).

While the largest mosaic panel can be dated to the late 2nd to early 3rd century AD, traces of an earlier mosaic underneath the one currently visible, have been identified which shows the room was refurbished over the years.

The mosaics are believed to have been the floor of a Roman triclinium, or a formal dining room. The triclinium would have been furnished with chaise lounges for guests to recline while enjoying multiple courses, being entertained, and admiring the decor. 

Ref.: www.thecoverings.com | Photo cred: MOLA


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