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Affordable Investment

The addition of colourful or textured wall tiles in a splash-back area can make all the difference to a kitchens’ look without necessarily costing a fortune. It’s an area where architects and designers can be really creative whilst matching the customer's preference for refined, funky, neutral, or loud. Because the area is typically minimal, if a bold and trendy tile pattern is chosen, it can be removed and updated at a later stage at a relatively low cost.

Because a backsplash functions to protect the wall from splashes and splatters that come from cooking and preparing food, the only prerequisite is that tiles should be easy to keep clean. Beyond that, the choices become mainly aesthetic. The splash-back gets a lot of visual attention and lends itself perfectly to an opportunity to make a design statement, such as those pictured.

The kitchen backsplash can be a personality space. The tiles chosen can spruce up key wall space and complement a theme or colour scheme, whether contemporary or traditional.

By incorporating original design in the splash-back area it becomes a focal point, not just of the kitchen but of the home.

Aside from the usual mosaics and standard white walls, Tile Warehouse has a huge range of splash-back tiles perfect for all tastes…from specific photograph design to textured silvers and golds. For information on tile ranges from Tile Warehouse, please visit our website or visit one of our 32 stores.