Bathrooms! 8 ideas to boost your space... | Tile Warehouse
Bathrooms! 8 ideas to boost your space...
1. Go pattern! If you're looking to create a striking design feature, consider opting for patterned bathroom floor tiles or as a feature on shower walls or splashbacks;
2. Choose tiles that work on both the floor & wall;

3. Add a vintage feel to a contemporary bathroom;
4. Make an original pattern on floors & walls with colours from the same tile range;

5. Lay floor to ceiling with the same tile for continuity and a feeling of space, 'Statuario Ultra';
6. Be original and try the new on-trend Terrazzo flooring! eg: 'Venezia';
7.  Make bathroom walls your art by mixing plain & patterned tiles like our 'Vita';
8.  Go all out with a marble look to create that coveted luxurious look with Carrara tiles;
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