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Colour Edition Four: Neutrals


This year, the much-loved neutral interior decor style shows no signs of going anywhere. A major part of this interior style involves using a palette of stylish and subtle neutral colours. For example, design characteristics of Scandinavia are now more popular than ever, with many homeowners gravitating towards that blend of minimalism, artisan textures, earthy tones, and natural materials. In recent years, we’ve seen a preference towards warmer neutrals, moving away from the concrete-look and even introducing tiles with a tinge of colour, now known as ‘new neutrals’. Based on this trend, our extensive range of tiles and stone-composite flooring includes timeless options such as Terrazzo porcelains, and subtle coloured wall tiles, for example our Grunge Oxid & Iron and Lume Greige. New neutrals are all about warmth, harmony, and comfort but also adding visual interest to your space whilst maintaining a timeless and versatile space. Tiles are an excellent option to achieve such a look! 

In the context of interior design, neutral means without colour so think beige, ivory, taupe, greige, black, grey, and shades of white and black. The tranquillity of these tones makes us feel good in our space as opposed to vibrant environments, which can result in feeling fatigued.

TIP: When choosing your neutrals it is also important to consider whether you prefer a warm or a cool shade.

Ask our staff in-store for assistance in identifying your personal preferences.

Aside from tiled walls, light wood looks are a great way to introduce this trend into your home. In New Zealand, the wood flooring look is coveted and popular which has led to more robust options for families such as our timber-look tile ranges and our ALPINE stone-composite flooring. 


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