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Deck Jacks & Council requirements

Councils now insist that floating deck surfaces should be removable to allow access to the waterproofing membrane below.

When constructing a floating deck or patio paving, it is now necessary to allow the paving tiles or floating timber decking to be easily removed in the future if necessary, and, being height adjustable, they allow the tiles or decking to be raised up to the level of the living space to create the desired indoor/outdoor flow.

The unique feature of a Nurajack is its self-leveling head. No deck is built level - the underlying slope and membrane lap-joints challenge the best tiler. With other deck-jacks, they must resort to placing ad hoc shims under the base of the jacks. This has the potential to damage the membrane through point loading. With Nurajacks, clients get a level deck every time. The deck load is evenly spread on the Nurajack’s wide base, ensuring that the integrity of the membrane is maintained, and that the unit remains stable under loading.

Nurajacks are made from high-density polypropylene injection moulding. They are age and weather-resistant and fully compatible with all roofing materials.

Laying a patio paving floor with Nurajack supports is straightforward. The Nurajacks simply rest on top of the waterproofing membrane or any other surface due to be paved, and the paving tiles sit into the corners of the Nurajacks. Following an initial rough adjustment, laying the chosen paving is made easier by the self-leveling head. The adjustment key is then used to complete the installation with millimetric accuracy – another feature unique to Nurajacks.

The void between the paving and the waterproofing membrane underneath can be used to accommodate pipes and other systems, which are thus concealed and yet can be easily accessed if necessary.

Adding an acoustic shim is a cost-effective way to enhance the acoustic reduction properties of the system.


Tile Warehouse’s 20mm thick tiles are full-bodied porcelain. They are suitable for heavy commercial use such as squares, balconies, subways, airports, parking lots, gardens, walkways, and parks.

Tile Warehouse’s 20mm tile ranges comply with the recent Auckland City Council’s Amended Practice Note for external and internal membranes (Document number: AC2234, version 3). This document states that when tiles are to be laid outdoors, they must be laid over a floating deck, which must provide adequate clearance for ventilation purposes and not be permanently fixed to the membrane.


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