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DIY Series - Tiling Floors

If you're ready to get into that DIY project you've been putting off, we're here to help and in this series, we'll walk you through tiling options and overlay flooring installation.


First up, let's start from the flooring up with some Tiling DIY >>>

Start by making a list of supplies you'll need, our suggestion is below. Some of these items can be borrowed or hired and others such as knee pads, are optional. We also recommend doing a little research and reading instructions on all adhesives, grouts, sealers, etc. Phone your local Tile Warehouse store for any questions so you're across everything and feel confident to press go!

Make sure you are tiling onto a rigid surface that is flat, dry, and dust-free. Timber floors may need over-sheeting with cement fibre board before tiling so check with your local store staff first.

Plan your layout! Avoid small or narrow cuts wherever possible. Plan how one area may flow on from another. The first tile put down
determines where every other tile will go.

As a buying guide work out the net area and then add 10% extra tiles for square laying and 15% extra for diagonal laying. This should give you enough tiles for cutting and some spares. The waste percentage may vary if your room has lots of odd angles or is an
unusual shape.

Always waterproof showers and wet areas before you tile them. Tile installations do not act as a 100% moisture barrier, they are designed to protect the waterproof surface below them and make cleaning easier. We can supply you with products to do this.


Key tip: Work from multiple boxes of tiles to ensure a good blend of shadings.



You can make pencil marks on the wall and floor because they are going to be tiled over. With floor tiles, lay out a few rows in each direction and see how they look and how different areas to be tiled flow into each other. Set out from the centre and work out towards the edges of the room. This will compensate for walls that may not be square and make the job look more balanced. 


Ready to get started? View or download our full DIY FLoor Tiling Guide, HERE >>>

We look forward to assisting you in your DIY projects and are here to help! Being motivated to save time and money by doing the hard yards is commendable and we want to ensure you have successful results. We have 32 stores Nationwide to give you guidance and advice. CLICK HERE to locate one near you.


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