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Enhancing Your Indoor-Outdoor Flow - Choosing the Right Outdoor Tiles for Your Space in 2024


In the heart of every Kiwi home, there's a deep appreciation for the great outdoors which is reflected in the way we design and utilise spaces.

In recent years, there has been a major shift to tiling outdoor areas with porcelain tile or porcelain pavers and a desire to create a more seamless indoor-outdoor flow. Matching tiles from a lounge or bedroom to adjacent exterior areas looks incredible! Aside from that, the perception of size increases as does the assumption of a home’s high quality. Tiles ooze luxury which is synonymous with European style, design, and trends. Countries such as Italy and Spain are renowned for setting fashion trends and by default this encompasses interior design.

As Kiwi’s continue to embrace their passion for outdoor living, the choice of outdoor ‘surfaces’ becomes a key decision. Whether opting for robust 20mm porcelain pavers or the safety-focused 10mm outdoor grip tiles, the goal is to create a harmonious indoor-outdoor flow that complements your lifestyle. The end-goal being to elevate your outdoor living experience, embrace the beauty of your surroundings, and make the most of your home's connection to nature.


Two standout choices for achieving this are 20mm porcelain pavers and 10mm outdoor grip tiles. Both options contribute to the aesthetic appeal and functionality of outdoor living spaces.

20mm High Porcelain Pavers

20mm porcelain pavers not only offer a robust exterior flooring solution but also seamlessly integrate indoors and out. They are resistant to frost, temperature changes, mould, stains, and salt. They are also highly anti-slip, easy to clean and colours stay unvaried over time. 20mm pavers are suitable for many applications and can be laid on grass, gravel, and on Pro-Jacks. Furthermore, high tensile strength makes porcelain pavers suitable for vehicle transit when adhered on to a screed.

What are Pro-Jacks?

Pro-Jacks are a pedestal support system for indoor and outdoor raised floors. They lend themselves to our 20mm porcelain paver installation and allow height adjustment from a minimum of 35mm to a maximum of 500mm. This makes it very easy to match the exterior paving height with your internal flooring.

Appreciate the low-maintenance aspect of porcelain pavers and spend more time enjoying your outdoor space and less time worrying about upkeep! View our range here!


10mm Outdoor Grip Tiles

The alternative, a 10mm thickness in tile, ensures easy installation, facilitating a smooth transition from indoor to outdoor spaces as many of our indoor ranges have matching grip options. Making it super simple to create flow that enhances the overall visual appeal of your home.

New Zealand's diverse climate, which can bring rain and humidity, also makes slip-resistant 10mm outdoor grip tiles an excellent choice. These tiles are thinner than our paver option but this does not compromise durability or safety. Our Grip tiles are frost and stain-resistant whilst their slip-resistant finish makes these tiles perfect for outdoor use, especially around pools and outdoor entertaining areas. Enjoy your outdoor space without compromising on aesthetics or well-being.

View our range of Outdoor tiles here!

Alfresco Dining and Entertaining: Kiwis love to dine and entertain outdoors! Consider tiles that can withstand the wear and tear of frequent gatherings while maintaining their aesthetic appeal.


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