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Four Trends in Tile from the USA


Coverings, one of the largest tile fairs in the World, was held recently in Atlanta, Georgia. From the 1000 global exhibitors of tile and stone, four particular trends were identified as the must-watch for this year; Ecelectic Style, Artisanal creativity, Bringing the Outdoors, inside and Marine life.

The exciting opportunity for you as a Specifier, Designer or Home owner, is that we at Tile Warehouse will be bringing the latest in design and trends from Italy, Spain and around the globe, to your doorsteps here in New Zealand. The upcoming year promises an exciting array of possibilities with the ultimate in surface design and products available.





Embracing the essence of eclecticism is the art of drawing inspiration from diverse sources and styles. With their remarkable technological abilities, our manufacturers are spearheading trend through innovative expressions in tiles. Whether it's the harmonious fusion of vintage and contemporary elements or the captivating blend of materials on digitally printed porcelain tiles, these manufacturers are redefining decorative possibilities.


The Great Outdoors


In recent years, there has been a growing and pervasive desire for people to reconnect with nature, not just within their homes, but also in work spaces and commercial buildings. This cultural shift has led to a surge in the creation of outdoor spaces, and here is where tile truly shines. Unlike other materials that may crack, warp, or fade over time, porcelain tile can withstand the elements. It remains impervious to frost, resistant to water / heat, demands minimal upkeep, and has anti-slip finishes.

In response to this era of outdoor living, tile manufacturers offer an extensive range of solutions for both residential and commercial projects. These solutions encompass everything from 10mm Exterior tiles, 20mm Pavers and 3D panels designed for exterior Cladding. All options are robust yet with the most on-trend design elements and colourways present.


Marine Life



Marine hues have emerged as a top choice in interiors. Drawing inspiration from the vast ocean, a rich spectrum of blues and greens can be found, ranging from the profound depths of the sea to the vivid and lively shades found on island shores. Tile manufacturers now offer an extensive array of blue and green ceramic tiles, allowing you to infuse any space with a revitalising and invigorating element. Our marine-inspired tiles bring a sense of energy and freshness to your interiors.




In the quest to infuse spaces with unique character and individuality, there is a rising demand for authentic and rustic-look finishes in residential, retail, and hospitality sectors. Our handmade-look tiles can recreate the essence of surfaces crafted by the passage of time and the skilled hands of artisans. From weathered materials to three-dimensional textures inspired by traditional plaster-making techniques, these new tile collections effortlessly add an artisanal touch to floors and walls. By incorporating these original handmade-look elements into your designs, any space can transform into a haven of unique charm and artistic allure.



Choosing the right tiles for individual spaces can be a challenge with so much variety in colour, finish, and shape to the importance of marrying this with fit-for-purpose finishings for floors and walls.

We encourage you to visit one of our 32 stores nationwide so you can receive expert advice from our design-trained salespeople, resulting in a fun and stress-free project. 

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