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Going Green

Sustainability has become an important factor in the day-to-day business operations of most major companies over recent years.

Corporations and their combined carbon footprints are becoming ever more important factors and Tile Warehouse is no different ensuring we work with suppliers who share our attitude to the environment. Our supply chain and logistics network have been analysed and optimised to ensure that the environment has been considered in the course of our company continuing to trade. As our industry is entirely imported from overseas manufacturers, one of the key steps we have undertaken to reduce our carbon footprint is to collaborate with shipping suppliers. 

How you can help in a BIG way... Ceramic tile, which is composed of naturally occurring materials, is a 100% inert material that typically meets the requirements to be used as clean fill.

We can reduce plastic pollution by specifying the natural choice of ceramic tile. Consumers can commit to reducing plastic use with the understanding that ceramic tile is a healthy, durable, and beautiful choice for both their families and the planet. The natural choice of ceramic tile is one of the biggest choices you can make toward reducing pollution in your home building and remodeling.

Thermal Mass:

Architects and engineers often recommend tiled floors because these automatically introduce warmth to your home, using thermal mass which can then be built into your ‘build envelope’ design calculations!

Thermal mass works by using a simple principle of physics: heat moves from warmer surfaces to cooler surfaces. Properly designed thermal mass such as installing porcelain and ceramic tiles on floors absorb heat during the day then, as the air temperature drops, the heat moves from the tiles to the cooler air in evenings. An added bonus is that because tiles absorb the heat, in summer they’ll provide a cooling effect in living spaces during a hot day.

In other words, thermal mass evens out variations in temperature. It helps keep you comfortable, day and night, all year round!

Thermal Mass: Tile has a high thermal mass calculation as unlike carpet & timber, the clay is able to absorb heat during the day and release it in cooler evening periods.