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How do I start a renovation plan?


One of the key benefits of owning your own property is the ability and the freedom to renovate in the style you choose - and that requires planning!

Renovations can include improving, redecorating, extending, or redesigning a home 

In this Blog post, we discuss how to start a renovation;

1. DESIGN: First up, you need to select an end design and home style and have a general idea of the colour palette you prefer. This stage can be completed at home by jumping online and using various websites for inspiration. we have a fabulous Gallery with Case studies from townhouses and villas to large commercial projects. That's worth having a read through. We also recommend joining Pinterest and filling your own board with images that are similar to the look you're trying to achieve. These boards and galleries can also be super helpful for your designer if you chose to renovate with the assistance of an Interior designer.

2. BUDGET: Next plan your budget for any building costs, new fixtures and fittings, and any permits required. Ask your builder and other laborers for quotes that can help you decide on priorities in the process. Speak to local real estate agents to help in determining the value of your home post-renovation, whether or not you plan to sell. This is a helpful guide so you can spend accordingly to obtain the best ROI (return on investment). 

3. PRODUCT SELECTION: Once you have narrowed down your choices on look and style, start visiting specialist stores for direction and guidance. Because floors and walls are the largest space of any room, we recommend selection is made of surfaces first. Our Tile Warehouse staff are design-trained and a great first port-of-call. They can help you select tiles, baths, tapware and click-together flooring for all areas of your home. Armed with these project details, it's then so much easier to go on to select and purchase fixtures, fittings, and furniture.

4. CONTRACTORS: Once you have the selection process sorted, it's time to plan the workmanship and employ the contractors you will require from plumbers, electricians to tilers to carry out the basics involved. It's also important to put some focus on the foundation and more technical sides of the home. If there are existing structural problems, within your home’s foundation or the roof, those need to be addressed. 

HOT TIP! Don't be afraid to ask the contractors questions on materials, budget and timelines. 

5. TIMING: Next build a timeline. Choose the desired start date, or if you’re hoping to have it completed by a specific date, work backward from that date instead. Sit down with your contractors to determine the length of time each portion of the project will take and then book them in. A signed contract from both parties regarding timing does help keep the project on schedule. Discuss which steps of the remodel need to be completed first, how long they will take, and which project portions can be completed concurrently. A rough estimate for home renovation projects, so you have a better idea before getting started.

* Home Additions: 3-4 months to complete * Bathroom remodel: Up to 4 weeks * Kitchen remodel: Between 6-12 weeks * New roof: A week or less *Deck: One-Two weeks

Whether it be a new build or renovation, at Tile Warehouse we have the best design range in the country. Plus we offer Baths, Taps and stone-composite flooring.

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If you’re still stuck for inspiration, use our Visualiser to help you design the ultimate space for your home. Change out tile sizes, shapes, colours, and even the grout colour to help make the decision process so much easier. Select from a selection of bathroom design options or load a photo of the bathroom space you're intending to renovate.

Our motto is to help make design and selection easy. We understand choosing tiles can be tricky but we’re here to help. Our staff are design trained, passionate about tiles, and available to discuss your project and assist you however you need.


If you would like to discuss your project further, we can assist.

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