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How to choose the Perfect Splashback


The kitchen is the hub of the home where family and friends congregate.

Make it a stylish space with a fabulous splashback!


A tiled splash-back creates the perfect opportunity to add personality by being creative with design. Thanks to the countless selection of tile options on the market today, splashbacks no longer have to be plain white or be made of a single piece of glass. The colour, texture and shape variations in tiles lend themselves perfectly to splashback application making it easy to add design flair and create an enviable space for family and friends.

By incorporating original design, your splash-back can become a focal point, not just of the kitchen but of the home. Don’t be afraid to introduce a colourful and fun design that in itself can become a piece of art. An excellent example of this is our retro ANDY tile mosaic which brings together a collection of Andy Warhol’s infamous artworks. Using tile as art is a great way to make a feature wall and create an artistic balance.

When re-decorating, a kitchen splashback is often the centrepiece

A cleverly chosen tile is often the centrepiece of a kitchen and a great way to express personality.

A well designed and expertly finished kitchen can also be a hot selling point and has real potential to add value when selling. More often than not, simple and cost-effective tweaks in re-modeling your kitchen space can yield great results. Plus, a kitchen splashback space is typically minimal so if a bold and trendy tile pattern is chosen, it can be removed or even tiled over to update at a later stage at a relatively low cost.


So, how do you choose a kitchen tile splashback?

Kitchen wall surfaces should be durable, easy to clean and have a good seal down to the benchtop. Anything goes depending on taste from the most detailed mosaics to full porcelain slab large-format tiles.

Which tiles are best for kitchen walls?

Because backsplash functions to protect the wall from splashes and splatters that come from cooking and preparing food, the only prerequisite is that tiles should be easy to keep clean. Equally important is that the surface is fire-resistant and low in porosity, both of which are found in tile. Beyond that, the choices become mainly aesthetic. Remember also, the splash-back gets a lot of visual attention and lends itself perfectly to an opportunity to make a design statement.


What’s currently trending in kitchen splashbacks?

Trending in 2020 are textured tile, handmade look, metallic in brass and copper, and …colour! By focusing on good design, the right tile can provide a visual break from kitchen cabinetry creating a stunning background. Backsplash design has become braver in recent years by the selection of more creative and artful designs.

When only white will do

Too often splashback tile decisions default to plain white subway tile. However, if you would like a little more originality, chose a texture or shape in white instead. With tile innovation so advanced now, there is a huge array of white decorator tiles to choose from!



Tile Warehouse has a huge range of splash-back tiles perfect for all tastes…from detailed & textured decorators to twists on the traditional subway wall tile in colour. Lockdown is a great time to do some research for your renovation ideas.

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