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Kiwi Living & Creating flow in your home

Incorporating indoor-outdoor flow is something New Zealander’s are passionate about. We are a nation in love with the outdoors and accommodate this love with the building of decks, balconies, patios, and larger than life exterior spaces that almost resemble an additional room. These allow us to enjoy the climate – sun and fresh air, in a comfortable extension of our living space.

Tiles outdoors add a versatile beauty as well as offer durability. If you have been thinking about choosing tiles for your home,

you are making a smart choice as they are more popular than ever.

What tiles are best for outdoors?

All outdoor tiles must meet certain basic requirements: they must be waterproof, anti-slip, frost-proof plus be resistant to loads, weather conditions, temperature changes, mould, and stains.

Why Porcelain Paver tiles?

Porcelain combines indisputable aesthetics with outstanding technical performance and a break-free lifecycle. They are resistant to frost, temperature changes, mould, stains, and salt. They are also highly anti-slip, easy to clean and its materials and colours stay unvaried over time. The outcome is a product that is suitable for many applications and that can be laid both dry (on grass, gravel, and on pro-jacks). Furthermore, high tensile strength makes porcelain pavers suitable for vehicle transit when adhered on to a screed.

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What is the difference between an outdoor and indoor tile?

Though durable, indoor tiles are not made to handle situations such as frost and harsh weather and they are usually around 10mm in thickness. Whereas outdoor pavers, 20mm in depth, have the ability to handle exterior conditions and have a texture on their surface that resists slips. They are also designed to be installed onto compacted soil, sand or grass, without the cost of concrete.


Should your outdoor and indoor tiles match?

Choosing your indoor flooring to match that of the outside area will visually expand your home and allow you to create a truly open living space that will capture the natural freedom of the outdoors.

Many of our 20mm Porcelain Paver ranges also come in 10mm for indoor use. The 20mm twins for outdoors are durable and water-resistant.

How thick should your outdoor tile be?

The Tile Warehouse outdoor Porcelain Pavers are 20mm thick and are designed and manufactured, specifically with exterior use in mind. Because they are twice as thick as standard porcelain tile, breaking strength and impact resistance is increased. 

20mm Porcelain Pavers are twice the thickness of most tiles and have all the benefits of a regular porcelain tile. They are the ideal paving solution in that they will not stain, fade, and require no treatment. They are also easy to install. Porcelain pavers and slabs can be laid dry on sand, grass, or gravel or they can be laid on concrete with adhesive, as you would a traditional porcelain tile.

Another alternative is to lay them using adjustable, raised supports such as our Pro-Jack supports with open joints allowing for drainage and providing a level tiled area out from doors to exterior living areas. Porcelain pavers tend to be more interesting in design compared to traditional pavers, and they often complement a 10mm porcelain range. This way they can be used both inside and outside creating internal, external flow.

Tiles for the Indoors and Out
In choosing flooring finishes, functionality is very important. The majority of people choose based on colours, patterns, textures etc. However tiles should also be chosen depending on the application area. 

With no sealing requirements, low levels of maintenance and high slip resistance, Tile Warehouse Porcelain Pavers are the ideal solution for use in both public and private outdoor areas. They are also low maintenance - there is no need to oil or stain tiles and they do not warp, splinter, crack or decay. In today’s busy lifestyle, it is no surprise that this is time-saving, eco-friendly outdoor option for patios, pool surrounds and decking is gaining traction in the New Zealand building industry.

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  • Match exterior tiles for indoor-outdoor flow
  • Slip-resistant
  • Wear-resistant
  • Frost-resistant
  • Colours do not fade
  • Resistant to stains/spills
  • Impervious/Mould resistant
  • Allows water drainage.
  • Huge range of options
  • Highly resistant to heavy loads
  • Quick & easy to install
  • Removable


NB: Porcelain Pavers are available in 600x600x20mm. Other sizes may be available in 450x900, 600x1200mm. Also many have matching 10mm for indoors to create flow in your home.

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