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Large Format Tiles

Bucking the Traditional with Large Modules

The interior/exterior finishing industry is evolving. One of the most prominent trends is the increase in module size. The advantages are both functional and visual for any high-end residential to commercial applications. The creation of seamless flow to the absence of grout joints is making this an increasingly attractive option for commercial projects.  

Hightech ULTRA™ by Ariostea is an ultra-large format range with modules available in 6mm thickness with modules available up to 3000x1500mm in matt, semi-polished, polished, and structured finish. At TileWarehouse, we stock the Hightech Ultra Basaltina range - click here to view.

Key Features:

  • Light weight : 07kg/m²
  • Colourfast : Confirms to DIN51094
  • Stain Resistant : Conforms to ISO 10545-14
  • Resistance to Thermal Shocks : Conforms to ISO10545-9
  • Frostproof : Conforms to ISO10545-12
  • Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion: Conforms to ISO545-8


At 6mm, the Ultra has been significantly pressed to rival it’s counterparts of 12mm.  Ariostea’s Ultra™ technology provides a significant reduction in weight per square metre (up to 40% of a traditional porcelain tile) while maintaining all high performance characteristics of a high quality porcelain. The profile thickness and the reduced weight also open up other possible applications for the ULTRA™ range, from exterior claddings to countertops.

Field of Applications:

Due to superior material characteristics, the highly versitile ULTRA™ can be used on a multitude of applications.

Externally, ULTRA™ is resistant to weathering while providing maximum protection from NZ’s rapid temperature fluctuations and UV deterioration. When it comes to exterior applications, Ariostea offers both wet and dry envelope systems including a ventilated façade system (more information available upon request). Internally, Hightech ULTRA™ can be adapted for use in any application from traditional wall/floor finishings, to kitchen surfaces or monolithic feature walls.

In addition to the functional versatility, the thin profile is hugely favorable for refitting projects as Hightech ULTRA™ can be applied directly over tiled or concreted surfaces, as it was carried out at Hotel Artimides in Roma, Itlay.

Made for designers or architects seeking the ultimate seamless flow and uninterrupted design from exterior to interior, kitchen to living, from surfaces to surfaces, Hightech ULTRA™ is the solution.

Designs & Furnishing: Contemporary designs tend to focus on open flow, simplicity, form and function. Hightech ULTRA™ is a range that answers to all these aspects. Visually, the large module size adds dramatic results to large open areas without the busyness of grout joints. The minimalist look shifts the focus on the forms and content within that space, may it be an island benchtop or furnishings.

In addition to the impressive module size, Hightech ULTRA™ is available in 50+ different designs from natural stones, coloured concrete to machined aluminum. The wide range of designs aims to provide architects or specifiers with an arsenal to meet the most specific wants and needs from the toughest clients.

Being a quality porcelain product, Hightech ULTRA™ Stone-look ranges outperforms they natural counterparts. ULTRA ranges are resistant to chemical agents, staining, UV light, thermal shocks and frost. More importantly, Ariostea has achieved these functional properties without compromising on design quality. The new 3500x1500mm polished Statuario Ultra Carrara (due November). According to an industry expert with over 30 years’ experience, you cannot tell the difference between this product and real stone. Such incredible quality to the point where architects are starting to use the product in their own homes!

Ambience Lighting: Uniquely to Ariostea, ULTRA Onici is another luxury marble look porcelain tile that is semi-translucent resulting in the possibility of backlighting. This property allows the designers or architects to be creative with ambience lighting for any commercial or unique residential projects.

At Tile Warehouse, we specialise in high-performance porcelain solutions. To view the Hightech ULTRA™ ranges, explore more options or obtain technical information, please contact one of our stores. Details can be found here;