LFT (Large Format Tile) - Leaving no stone unturned | Tile Warehouse
LFT (Large Format Tile) - Leaving no stone unturned

The demand for larger tile sizes is higher than ever. Coveted for the streamlined, aesthetically pleasing design resulting from fewer grout joins not to mention less maintenance, they are perfect for the whole house to create a continual flow between living spaces. Commercial space design is leaning towards a streamline from the floor and into walls due to the dramatic effects created with the many variations of patterns.

New popular sizes are 1200X2400mm, 600x1200mm, and 450x900mm however larger slabs of up to 3000mm are making an appearance and proving popular for all living areas throughout the home.

Featured above are examples of our large format options. For a comprehensive list, take a look at our current Large Format tile ranges by clicking here. 


At Tile Warehouse, we specialise in high-performance porcelain solutions in the construction industry. To view the above ranges, explore more options or obtain technical information, please contact one of our highly experienced commercial representatives. Details can be found here. 

These ranges and their incredible likeness to solid stone need to be seen to be believed! If you would like to view these at your Architectural practice, please let us know.