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Making a Change in your home

For those of us spending time in our homes right now, we can start to notice tired living spaces that are overdue for an update. If you find yourself in this position and thinking of a change post lockdown, a minimal-investment reno' could be the solution. Read our discussion on design ideas and scroll through photo's above for inspiration. Use our Visualiser, designed by Kiwi's for Kiwi homes. Our Visualiser will assist in overcoming any renovation project that appears daunting by narrowing down selections to suit your taste, budget, and end design!

Let’s talk Kitchens

If kitchen walls are tiled, splashing on a coat of paint is not going to do the trick. So why not remove a small section of old tiles behind the stove or sink and create a unique splashback? Tiles are available in all shapes, sizes and colours and that means there are plenty of options to create a bespoke wall covering. For inspiration and the generation of ideas, check out our huge selection of mosaics and decorators…

“Add one striking element to make more of an impact such as patterned, textured or uniquely shaped tiles.”

What you need to know about splashbacks

Splashbacks should be durable, easy to clean and have a good seal down to the benchtop. Anything goes depending on taste, from the most detailed mosaics to full porcelain slab tiles. Aside from selection, an equally important consideration is maintenance. With today's silicone grout, tiles are easy to clean, so long as the right grout is specified. Be wary of tilers offering a 'too good to be true' price as they may be using a cheaper grout that won't wear as well. NB: Always ensure an Epoxy grout is used to ensure a quality result.


If the thought of planning and fitting a bathroom fills you with horror, a few simple changes could banish the bathroom blues.

Bathroom tiles are relatively easy and inexpensive to update so they’re the perfect way to introduce a welcome splash of colour or an eye-catching finish. A decorative or bold floor combined with white wall tiles is a fantastic solution if you like the idea of using pattern. Turning things around, a feature wall with plain flooring is equally as effective. Here are some examples to get the creative juices flowing (note: most tiles can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms)…

If you’ve chosen an amazing wall tile and desire a timeless floor to balance your look, stone and marble-looks, but in a porcelain tile, are incredibly popular and timeless. The beauty of porcelain tile is that it doesn’t absorb like marble, is maintenance-free and a lot more affordable. It will give you a luxury and glamorous look without the price tag. Tile Warehouse has a number of porcelain tile options suitable for floors (and walls). CLICK HERE to view >>>

Think outside the Square with Shape and Pattern…From small mosaics, squares and rectangles to circles and bolder hexagons. The worlds your oyster when it comes to tile shape these days thanks to revolutionary manufacturing technology. To scroll through all decorator tile options, CLICK HERE >>> 

Enjoy, have fun designing your home and let us know if we can assist in answering any questions by contacting us HERE >>>