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Maximise your Home's Value

Maximise your home’s value with a simple kitchen renovation

Kitchens are one of the key areas that prospective buyers consider when searching for a home.

A well-designed and expertly finished kitchen can be a hot selling point and has real potential to add value when selling.

So, what do people look for in a kitchen? Generally speaking, as well as functionality, people focus on the look and feel of the kitchen. For some homes, significant improvements in these areas can only be achieved through major remodeling. However, more often than not, simple and cost-effective tweaks can yield great results.

How? Through tiling!

Tiled splash-backs are both functional and eye-catching. Thanks to the countless selection of tiles on the market, you are spoilt for choice. Splash-backs no longer have to be plain and boring or be made of a single piece of glass. Tiles are excellent alternatives as they are easy to clean, and come in all sorts of styles, from the classic subway look to the ultra-chic. Don’t be afraid to be expressive – kitchen splash-backs are fantastic spaces to show off your personality. With all the colour, pattern, and texture options available in tiles these days, you can show off your design flair and bring additional value to the property.

Expanding on the same ideas, kitchen floors can also be transformed through tiling. The improvement will be two-fold. Firstly, functionality is improved as tiles are hardwearing and low maintenance. Even in a high-traffic area, tiles will keep their appearance from the day they are installed (a clean may be required!). When the time comes to sell, a tiled kitchen floor will remain looking new, conveying quality, rather than raising the cost to resurface a worn-out timber or vinyl floor.

Secondly, tiling gives you complete freedom to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Wanting to modernise a home? Pick a tile with a minimalistic design or a concrete look. Timber Tile is a brilliant option particularly if you like a wood-look as tiles by nature are stain-free, scratch-free, and do not fade. Perfect for kids and pets as well! Creating something more classic to reflect the character of villa or bungalow? Look at tiles with stone and marble patterns. A thoughtfully picked tile can really improve the overall look and feel of a kitchen, making it the place to be in any home. If you would like advice from an expert, our staff are trained to assist to design and room-aesthetics so come and visit us in-store.

Kitchen renovations don‘t have to be complicated so long as you receive the right advice from industry experts. Tiling can maximise a home’s resale value, through improved looks and feel, longevity, and functionality. A tiled splashback and tiled kitchen floor may be the perfect investment to make as they often transform an ordinary kitchen into an extraordinary space in a home.

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