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Renovating on a Budget with Tile


So you've purchased a home or an investment proerty that is in need of updating? Below we explore some ideas below which is part of how we can best assist you, no matter what your budget!


First things first, you’ll need to sit down and decide exactly what you want from your new space. If its a bathroom - are you a shower person or do you need a bath? Do you need more storage and therefore need to compromise on the fittings you want? Are there any difficult areas you need to think about, for example, a difficult corner?

Secondly, work out exactly what you want to spend on the complete project (including accessories like bath mats, soap dispensers, towels, etc). 

Finally, think about what is most important to you and what do you need to prioritise within the set budget. Compromise is necessary when working with a tight budget.

At Tile Warehouse, we are all about Design with Product selection made Easy!

If the thought of planning and fitting a bathroom fills you with horror, a few simple changes could banish the bathroom blues.

Bathroom tiles are relatively easy and inexpensive to update so they’re the perfect way to introduce a welcome an updated or splash of colour or an eye-catching finish. A decorative or bold floor combined with white wall tiles is a fantastic solution if you like the idea of using pattern. Turning things around, a feature wall with plain flooring is equally as effective. Note: most tiles can be used in both kitchens and bathrooms.

If you’ve chosen an amazing wall tile and desire a timeless floor to balance your look, the white Carrara marble-look, but in a porcelain tile, is incredibly popular and timeless. The beauty of porcelain tile is that it doesn’t absorb like marble, so is maintenance-free. It’s also a lot more affordable. It will give you a luxury and glamorous look without the price tag. Tile Warehouse has a number of porcelain tile options in Carrara and Calacatta looks suitable for floors (and walls);

Think outside the square with Shape and Pattern…From small mosaics, squares and rectangles to circles and bolder hexagons. The worlds your oyster when it comes to tile shape these days thanks to revolutionary manufacturing technology. 

If budget doesn't allow complete floor-ceiling tiling, tile a few rows above a vanity for an original design.

Or...think Feature Walls...and Floors!




If kitchen walls are tiled, splashing on a coat of paint is not going to do the trick. So why not remove old tiles behind the stove or sink and create a unique splash back? Tiles are available in all shapes, sizes and colours and that means there are plenty of options to create a bespoke wall covering. For inspiration and the generation of ideas, click here to check out our gorgeous mosaics and decorators.


TIP: Add one striking element to make more of an impact such as patterned, textured or uniquely shaped tiles.

What you need to know about splashbacks...

Splashbacks should be durable, easy to clean and have a good seal down to the benchtop. Anything goes depending on taste from the most detailed mosaics to full porcelain slab tiles that are three metres long. Aside from selection, an equally important consideration is maintenance. With today's silicone grout, tiles are easy to clean, so long as the right grout is specified. Be wary of tilers offering a ‘too good to be true' price as they may be using a cheaper grout that won't wear as well. Always ensure an Epoxy grout is used to ensure a quality result.


TIP: Cleverly placed lighting can transform a space particularly if angled to focus on your design aspect.


A scary prospect and perhaps not an option for some, doing it yourself is a great way to avoid a lot of spending. Ask our in-store experts if you’re unsure on something, they are more than happy to advise you and enjoy the journey and seeing the final successful outcome. Also consider roping in a friend or family member if they have a trade skill like plumbing, tiling or even building.

If you didn’t know, plain white tiles are typically the most affordable tiles on the market. If you choose to go for a a white subway, then you can always tile it in an interesting lay pattern like herringbone or offset to make it look more expensive. A contrasting Grout can also have the same effect. Or select a mosaic or patterned tile to create a border.



If you’ve opted for a fairly plain tile, look to create personality and warmth by adding a beautiful gold or nickel tap. A basin sink on top can also look fantastic and provide a fashionable look. Our UNIKA range of Taps, Basins, toilets and Basins are not only first-grade quality but also affordable! CLICK HERE to browse >>>


We hope you’ve found some helpful advice regarding how you can renovate your home on a budget and still design the home of your dreams…with quality product too! If you’re still unsure or have any more questions, let our staff know, and they’ll happily give you advice tailored to your project and needs. If you’re looking for the inspiration needed to make your dream home come true, visit our Gallery Page and have a browse through our images above. We would also love to see your finished projects! Share them with us on Instagram @tilewarehousenz :)


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