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Spicing up Subway Wall Tile Design


Subway tiles can sometimes be perceived as the safe option for renovators, creating an inoffensive background while other elements in the room take the focus. Subway White Wall tiles in Matt and Gloss remain one of the most popular choices for splashbacks and bathroom/shower walls. However, new-season interior design trends are challenging the traditional brick bond looks of the subway tile, and exploring new options in patterns, colour and layouts. 

Subway tile hit the scene during the early 1900's when it was put in underground train stations in New York. People were inspired and began using it in their homes, adding it to their kitchens & bathrooms. It’s so classic, yet modern looking too! Check out some options for your home below...

1. Herringbone can be installed 45 degrees, 90 degrees, and Horizontal layering. Spice things up with contrasting grout, in varying colours'. 



2. Cross Hatch is a unique combination of horizontal and vertical stacking, easy to achieve, and great for creating an original look.



3. Stacked: Traditional installed horizontally. For a safe and more traditional layout variation, DIYers can't go past stacked tiles. Perfect for making ceilings feel taller, and the horizontal stack has the same principle, however with widening capabilities. Creating a modern look, this layout is great for full tile walls or as a statement wall in the kitchen. 


4.  Stacked Vertical; because of the vertical pattern, stacking vertically can make the ceilings feel taller and work well behind your counters. It's also a modern, contemporary look.


5. Off-set Stacking mixes things up and is the most popular method of installation whereby tiles are stacked but not aligned;



6. The Step ladder...this one looks awesome in a surround shower pattern and makes the space feel larger and more open. It’s definitely a different layout and not one you see often but as you can tell makes a great statement.



7. Classics-as-a-diagonal Subway; Shake the classic subway tile up with a little twist! All you do with this is take the traditional subway tile, stack it like bricks and rotate it at a 45-degree angle.


 So many options! Chose your own design and create a unique, personal space


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