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Thinking outside the square on Pool Design


Did you know most decorative porcelain tiles can be used in pools?! 

At Tile Warehouse, we specialise in pool design assistance with supporting Grip and Structural tiles in various sizes and colours, extra thickness 20mm deck jack tiles with matching copings, and a wide range of decorative tile options. 

Serapool Range in Light Blue & Cobalt >>>


Most of our Porcelain tiles can be used around the edge of the pool and are safe for submersion. Above the water line is preferable and our staff are available to discuss the technical details - porcelain tile open up a myriad of opportunities!

Tiles can be used to make an incredible feature such as our Loft Sylvania giving this pool an air of the mediterrean with it's morroccan style >>>

Another fabulous project is the LUME in Blue in this gorgeous pool north of Auckland! Check out the details in our Gallery Case Study >>>


Mosaics add a splash of colour and can be used to border the pool surround or even tile the entire pool that high quality and long-lasting visual result.

Glass mosaics come in different forms, some are transparent, others are reflective and because they are non-porous they are ideal for places like swimming pools. They are also unlikely to stain and will maintain their appearance for many years.

See our Biz-Art range for some beautiful pool mosaic options.

Note that not all mosaics can be used on the inside of swimming pools so it pays to get expert advice from tile specialists. The tiles will be dealing with chlorine and a lot of water pressure so mosaics must be strong and chemical resistant. Our staff at Tile Warehouse can assist you in mosaic selection.

When installing, the mosaics must mesh properly and the correct tile adhesive and grout used so also check with your pool tiler that they are using appropriate products. If installing mosaics on infinity edges, overflow walls, or spas, we recommend waterproofing and the use of epoxy glue and grout.


For the latest in tile, and stone for pool surrounds and outdoor spaces, CLICK HERE >>>

For our Mosaic and Decorative ranges, CLICK HERE >>> NB: Always check with our trained staff regarding fit-for-purpose product for your project - it pays to get trusted advice.


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