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Tile is Recyclable

Having a flooring material that is functional, durable and fits our lifestyle is crucial. But so is doing our bit for the environment. Because tiles don’t scratch, fade or stain whilst also having one of the lowest environmental impact results, they are the perfect covering choice if making good environmental choices is important to you.

Tile is not only sustainable because it is made from natural materials, but it does not require the use of caustic cleaners to maintain.

Tile is also biodegradable, other flooring finishes such as LVT are not due to the product used in its manufacture (eg: PVC). Ceramic and porcelain tiles are made from inorganic materials, perfectly suited to recycling into other materials at the end of their usable life through crushing, with no chemicals required. Environmentally-friendly tile is manufactured using natural materials and does not retain toxic chemicals, odours, allergens, or bacteria. It also does not burn or emit toxic fumes. 


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