Tile Warehouse partners with Tri-Star for Trees that Count | Tile Warehouse
Tile Warehouse partners with Tri-Star for Trees that Count


Tri-Star is on a journey to give back to the environment and we're with them!


With growing economies and populations worldwide, demand for international freight is projected to triple in volume over the next 30 years, much of this the shipping of containers. So it's important that those of us who import products into New Zealand do what we can to offset any damage to our environment as a result of CO2 emissions from freight carriers.

Since 2018, we at Tile Warehouse have worked with freight company, Tri-Star through their partnership with Trees That Count. We contribute to an environmental recovery fund which Tristar then matches, and this total is then donated to Trees that Count. These funds are used for the purchase and planting of trees. This initiative assists in mitigating our carbon footprint over the next 50 years to help protect New Zealand’s threatened biodiversity.


By funding native trees through Tristar’s partnership with Trees That Count, and spending a day a year planting, Tile Warehouse will be assisting to absorb tonnes of CO2.

That’s a real feel-good for us - good for our carbon footprint, and good for Aotearoa.


This year our staff ventured out to Brookby in East Auckland and assisted in restoring bush to this beautiful land by planting a whopping 550 trees! We're pretty proud of that and had the sore muscles at the end of the day to prove it :)

On average we, at Tile Warehouse, are funding 600 trees per year via our partnership with Tri-Star. That figure rises to 1100 trees when we get involved in planting additional trees, on top of our funding contribution. We've made it our goal to make a difference!