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Tiles for Exterior Cladding

Choosing the right cladding for a build project is one of the most important decisions you'll make as a specifier. Considerations range from insulation and waterproofing to practical design and aesthetics.

New technologies and materials are changing the face of how New Zealand buildings look and there are a huge number of alternatives out there for decision-makers from weatherboard, plaster, concrete to large-format tile. For centuries tiles have been successfully used as an exterior cladding material because of the diversity of look and design as well as their durability characteristics. Tiles are also, by default, a fire-resistant alternative with most material being manufactured at heat of over 1000 degrees Celsius.

An excellent example of where practicality meets exemplary design can be seen in this Cameron Ireland home located in Ponsonby. RAW MIX 25x150mm tiles from the Design Industry collection feature in several areas both inside and outside the home. Inspired by urban design and contemporary architectural trends, DESIGN INDUSTRY RAW represents the chromatic and structural interpretation of raw cement and flaking plasters. These peculiarities are played up by the large tile sizes, that enhance graphic traits and allow for the creation of extensive, continuous surfaces.

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