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A stand-out flooring innovation in the past year would have to be the continuing revolution and advancement of ink-jet digital print technology on tile surfaces.

The use of ink-jet printing for ceramic tile manufacture is growing in Europe, and has the potential to outsell conventional tile design systems. Although ink-jet inks tend to cost more than conventional inks; this is outweighed by the cost-saving in materials and time and offset by the quality, photographic results.

What is Digital Printing?

Digital printing is a method of tile design whereby data and images are printed directly from a computer onto tile. The mass acceptance of digitally printed tiles from world markets is huge. It has resulted in an extremely swift transformation from traditional screen and roller printing to ink-jet technology in tile production.

What are the Features and Benefits of this technology?

The key features of digital ink-jet technically-produced tile are the ultra-fine resolution result, the complete edge to edge decoration and the myriad of random design options. Unlimited high-quality patterns and decorations can be produced with fewer materials, less waste and development and even less production time than conventional processes.

As the technology develops and advances yet remains economical, we at Tile Warehouse are able to hugely extend our range of products and designs whilst remaining competitive.