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Two of the Hottest Trends to follow this year

The top two emerging trends in tiles this year are again in the zone of nature-inspired hues which continue to dominate post Covid and that period of outdoor activity into 'greener pastures' during lockdown periods... let's talk Greenery & Terracotta!


1. The come-back of Terracotta


It has been interesting to see the slow come back of terracotta this year and base tones of this hue turning up in a lot of interior design projects. To meet market trends, Tile Warehouse have sourced the most stylish ranges from Italy, Spain and Portugal in soft pink/brown tones as well as textured terracotta tiles and mosaics. Our Mediterranea series is a stand-out with the Viva Cotto mosaics set to be incredibly popular for their versatility.

Terracotta tiles have become a popular especially for those who are looking for a warm, earthy, and natural aesthetic. Often associated with Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes, terracotta provides a natural and warm look that can add character to any room.


MEDITERRANEA Teselado / VIVA COTTO Mosaics Square & Brick


2. Greenery & Foliage

Green has been a popular interior design trend in recent years, with many homeowners and designers incorporating various shades of green into their homes. This trend is partly due to the growing interest in sustainability and eco-friendliness, as well as a desire to bring the natural world indoors.

Green accents can add depth and interest to a room, with wallpapered tiles in shades of green bring the outdoors in, whilst being durable and functional.

Overall, the green interior design trend is all about creating a fresh and inviting space that is both stylish and sustainable. By incorporating green hues into your home, you can create a relaxing and nature-inspired environment that is both on-trend and timeless.

This year we see Green taking the form of Emerald, Forest Green, and dark Olives. 

OXID Emerald / GHENT Smokey Emerald / MEDITERRANEA Decor


Green + Terracotta


Both green and terracotta morph into mosaics as well as chiselled and embossed decorative tile, like the Mediterranea series. Both colour trends are also evident in the rise of wallpaper-tile in rich florals like Colorful, Mediterranea, Helsinki and Sense.


Our Terra Mista and Cleo ranges are also available by indent order! >>>


Terra Mista

Terra Mista by Gigacer conjures up nature’s intrinsic characteristics -matter dried by the sun and transformed by natural agents giving it the lived-in look telling of the passage of time.


Cleo transforms refined materials such as ceramic wood that revives the Japanese plaster and clay technique of Yakisugi, on which brushstrokes simulate lime and red chalk - terracotta!


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