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What is the best way to Clean Bathroom & Shower tiles?



After buying tiles, it’s great to keep them clean and shining. Traditionally floors, including tiles, have been cleaned by scrubbing the surface using a generic cleaner and for tiles and grout, any old toothbrush that may be lying around your house!  Others swear by a vinegar and water solution sprayed on and wiped clean. Martha Stewart's advice is that warm water and dish soap will do the trick. However, soaps, along with the dirt and the skin cells they slough off, leave behind a microscopic film attracting more bacteria! This layer of soap can ironically - trap dirt and grease and can build up over time to the point where your tiles actually appear to change colour.

In order to keep your tiles in the best order possible, we recommend investing in quality products that are specifically designed to not just clean, but to maintain the tile surface in their best form. Many generic off-the-shelf floor cleaning cleaners can be either too acidic or too alkaline and, if not properly rinsed, can damage the surface of your tiles or later react with dirt and grease to cause other problems. 

What can you do to make your bathroom tiles shine?

Once tiles have been properly cleaned, a damp mop or cloth will easily be able to lift any dirt or water from the surface of the tiles thereby polishing to a dry surface.


The recommended cleaning system by Tile Warehouse is Aqua Mix


Aqua Mix® products are for any type of stone, tile, grout, and masonry. The beauty of Aqua Mix is that is a product line used by industry professionals to maintain their high-quality installations properly and it's affordable! 


Aqua Mix® offers a professional solution for professional results. Aqua Mix® products have over 40 years of history leading the global stone and tile industry with innovative care and maintenance solutions. Key product benefits are;

* Biodegradable solutions
* No VOC products
*Advanced Microban (anti-bacterial) technology


For detailed product information, download our AQUA MIX Brochure here >>> or view below...